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Trends come and go, but some, like the pursuit of "glass skin" and the glow beauty trend, seem to have a lasting impact. 

According to personal care market analysts at Kline, this glow trend in skincare is now extending its reach to haircare, marking a significant shift in consumer preferences and habits.

Corrine Maier, Kline's manager for beauty and wellbeing engagement and business development, emphasized this shift, noting a growing trend among consumers who are actively searching for and generating TikTok content centered around hair gloss.

Maier's observations were detailed in a recent blog post, where she pointed out the surge in interest surrounding various hair gloss treatments. Brands such as Ouai, Kristin Ess Hair, and Redken have witnessed a substantial uptick in consumer engagement with their respective gloss products.

"This surge in interest has propelled the popularity of various hair gloss treatments, with some notable options gaining significant traction among consumers," she wrote.

The impact of this trend is also reflected in market figures, according to Maier.

Kline PRO, a database tracking point-of-sale transactions in the salon retail sector, revealed that revenue from gloss treatments amounted to a staggering $783 million in 2022.

In skincare, several products have emerged as frontrunners in the quest for radiant skin. 

These include Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, known for its pore-unclogging benefits; Cosrx's Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, praised for its intense hydrating and revitalizing properties; and Medicube's AGE-R Booster-H, esteemed for its innovative glow technology.

Maier highlighted a 20% increase in consumers seeking skincare treatments with hydration as a key benefit over the past year. 

"Glowing skin, often referred to as glass- or glazed-like skin, remains a prevailing trend, as consumers increasingly prioritize achieving a natural, healthy radiance through skin care, as opposed to relying solely on makeup," she wrote.

As consumers seek the same benefits of "glass skin" for their tresses, brands are innovating to meet this demand. By leveraging insights from trend analysis and strategic consulting, companies can navigate these shifts effectively and stay ahead of the curve.

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