Asian woman wearing bold blush Credit : cottonbro studio / Pexels

There is something fun about adding a pop of color to your cheeks. Bold blushes are always on trend, and they are such an easy way to add something fun to your next look. It's about time to let your cheek shine bright, and what better way to try it than blush?

If you're looking to achieve a bold look or dip your toes in more color, these blushes are a great way to go. 

Haus Labs Color Fuse Talc-Free Blush Powder With Fermented Arnica

Haus Labs has a ton of bold, bright, and colorful blushes, so it would be a crime not to add it to our list. The Haus Labs Color Fuse Talc-Free Blush Powder is super pigmented, so even if something looks lighter in the pan, chances are, once it is applied, it is not.

A fun fact about these blushes is that they actually have a lot of skincare benefits. They contain fermented arnica, which can help with irritation and redness. It also uses plant squalane to soften and nourish your skin. Another key ingredient is hydraberry, which can give your skin hydration while also supporting your skin barrier. 

BASMA The Cream Blush

We love every single shade of this cream blush collection, which offers several colors. This range includes bright pink, red, and orange shades. The formula is super lightweight, and the blushes are pigmented yet buildable.

Another reason to check out this blush is that it also has some great ingredients. From soothing aloe vera and anti-aging vitamin E to moisturizing apricot oil and avocado oil, it's safe to say there is so much to love with this product. 

Kulfi Mehndi Moment Long-Lasting Radiant Cream Blush

This is another fun and bold collection, and let us tell you, these blushes are super pigmented! We love that these blushes are easy to blend and super long-lasting (we've tested them through the unpredictable New York City weather, and they survived). This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

When it comes to ingredients, Kulfi Mehndi Moment Long-Lasting Radiant Cream Blush has hibiscus extract, which will hydrate and moisturize your skin. It also contains amla extract, which can help protect against free radicals. 

Make Beauty Skin Mimetic Microsuede Blush Matte Powder Blush

This blush has a microsuede texture, which means it is super soft and smooth. Something super unique about this blush is that it is actually refillable, so once you've finished with one shade, you can pick up the same shade or try something else.

One of the key ingredients in this is hyaluronic acid, and it also uses ceramides, which will hydrate and replenish your skin. This is also super blendable and will give your skin a matte finish.