Earth tones are some of our favorite colors for about a million reasons. One being that the this color story will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. We love the neutrals equally as much as we love the vivid greens in this color palette. They're so easy to wear and will give your nails a super elevated look.

If you're looking to master the art of looking chic, effortless, and minimalistic, you've come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite earth tone nail ideas. 


We love a matte or shimmery ombre look on nails because it's always stunning and tasteful. Using different shades in the same color story gives your nails a tonal and monochromatic look, which we love. We recommend trying this style of nail out with some shades of creamy brown and milky chocolate. 

Nude Nails with Lines and Polka Dots

Another way to add a little something extra to your nails is to use only one or two colors in this design. We love starting with a nude base and letting it dry. Once your base is dry, take your favorite brown, green, or even rusty orange and use it to draw lines and add a few polka dots. We love this type of manicure because it turns your nails into your canvas, so you're making your own art. Although we mentioned using one or two shades to keep it minimal, feel free to add another shade or so for the look. 

Tortoise Shell 

If you prefer minimalistic nails but are not opposed to different textures and patterns, you'll need to add this to your nail inspo folder. We love how elevated this pattern looks on nails. If you're worried about doing your hands entirely with this, don't fret. You can also just do this pattern on one nail per hand and paint the rest with complementary colors. 


Another nail look we've been loving lately is the halfway look, where you keep half of your nails nude, but in the other half, you use the earth tone color of your choice. You can make the line horizontal, vertical, or even curved, depending on your style preference. If you really want to spice things up, add a line of glitter paint in between the nude and color.  Just imagine how incredible green would look in the style of a manicure.