Male Grooming Brand Jackfir Is Certified Plastic Neutral: What Does This Mean?
(Photo : Jackfir)

Another cosmetic brand has been certified as "plastic neutral," but what does this mean? The male grooming brand Jackfir announced and explained its remarkable milestone.

About Male Grooming Brand Jackfir

Jackfir, a men's grooming brand, was born from founder Charlie Razook's health journey during leukemia treatment. 

Recognizing the impact of toxins and pollution on health, he set out to create clean, effective products. Jackfir's range is certified plastic neutral, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Its products are free from harsh ingredients, offering a clean and conscious option for men's personal care. With a focus on quality and efficacy, Jackfir aims to provide a straightforward skincare experience, eliminating the need for consumers to decipher confusing ingredient lists. Jackfir takes pride in its mission to stay clean and leave no trace, as it says.

What does certified plastic neutral mean?

Plastic neutrality, as embraced by Jackfir, signifies a commitment to balance the plastic footprint by removing and recovering an equivalent amount of plastic waste from the environment that the brand uses in its packaging and operations. 

This certification not only addresses the plastic waste crisis but also supports waste workers by valuing hard-to-recycle plastics. Jackfir's partnership with rePurpose Global enables it to fund the recovery of plastic waste, contributing to waste management infrastructure and creating employment opportunities. This initiative aligns with Jackfir's broader sustainability efforts, including the use of upcycled ingredients, collaboration with One Tree Planted for tree planting, and the incorporation of recycled plastic in packaging. 

Plastic neutrality is a significant step toward minimizing environmental impact and advancing the circular economy, making it a crucial endeavor for brands aiming to reduce plastic pollution.

Certified Plastic Neutral The Complete Jackfir Kit

The Complete Jackfir Kit is a comprehensive skincare solution for men, priced at $170. 

This kit includes The Classic Shave Cream, enriched with organic aloe and cucumber for a refreshing shave; The Evergreen Eye Cream, which revitalizes the eyes with shea butter and silk tree extract; The Classic Daily Facial Moisturizer, infused with squalane and microalgae for everyday hydration; and The Classic Daily Facial Cleanser, an award-winning formula with gentle jojoba beads and natural fruit enzymes for deep cleansing.

Aside from being certified plastic neutral, the kit is also certified by EWG, NSF, and Leaping Bunny, as well as vegan. These products are GMO and gluten-free, as well as being a partner of One Tree Planted. 

Each product is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to deliver effective results, such as reducing dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, while soothing irritation and moisturizing the skin. The kit offers a complete skincare regimen that promises a clean, fresh, and healthy look.