These Are Spring and Summer 2024's Hottest Hair Colors, According to Scruples Hair Care
(Photo : Vecteezy / Diana Johanna Velasquez)

As spring and summer will not be complete without their complementary hairstyles, Scruples Hair Care announced their hottest hair colors for the two seasons this 2024.

Hottest Hair Colors of Spring and Summer 2024

Scruples Hair Care, under the direction of celebrity stylist William Whatley, revealed its hottest hair colors for spring and summer 2024: Hollywood Blonde, Manhattan Brunette, and Red Carpet Copper. Whatley draws inspiration from fashion trends, blending different eras with contemporary styles.

Scruples CEO Bahira Shami showcased these trends as Whatley demonstrated the vibrancy and fashion-forward nature of Scruples' colors. 

The looks promise shine, vibrancy, and a return to hair color as a fashion statement, encouraging clients to have fun with their hair.

Hollywood Blonde

The look Hollywood Blonde captures the essence of classic Hollywood with lighter, golden tones reminiscent of iconic blonde bombshells. This look aims for vibrancy and natural sun-kissed tones, moving away from ashy blondes. To maintain this glamorous look, Whatley suggests using Scruples' Creme Parfait Volumizing Foam for lasting fullness and shine without feeling sticky or heavy.

Manhattan Brunette

Scruples Manhattan Brunette embodies the sophisticated allure of the East Coast with its rich, lustrous tones and abundant shine. This look incorporates berry tones to add vibrancy and depth, elevating mousy brown hair to a sultry, shiny brunette. To style, Scruples' Pearl Finish Humectant Pomade is the suggested product for a closer-to-the-head style with movement and separation, creating a chic look.

Red Carpet Copper

The third look, Scruples Red Carpet Copper, offers a captivating blend of vibrant, bright, and soft orange-based coppers, complemented by golden hues for a stunning look. This shade, inspired by icons like Rita Hayworth and Ann Margret, exudes Old Hollywood glam with its orange-yellow base.

Whatley recommends styling this look with a mid-length, shattered long-layered bob, hot-rolled or barrel-curled using Scruples' Heat Up Styling and Finishing Thermal Spray for long-lasting texture, curls, and movement without a heavy, sticky feel.

Scruples Hair Care

Since 1983, Scruples has been family-owned, focusing on professional salon products that prioritize hairdressers. Excellent results are within reach because of their innovative coloring solutions and high-quality products, including shampoos, conditioners, and stylers.   

An example is Scruples' Protective Barrier Complex (PBX), which replenishes moisture and adds protein to all hair types, including fine, coarse, normal, or color-treated. PBX helps maintain elasticity and improve hair strength, leaving it manageable, healthy, and noticeably sexy. 

In addition, Scruples empowers hair professionals with smart solutions to exceed customer expectations, offering high-profit, low-inventory systems and educational programs to enhance skills and business acumen.