lash growth serum
(Photo : by @skylapaolino on Tiktok)

Discovering and sharing beauty products on TikTok has become a phenomenon. With its vast array of content reviews, users dive into the latest trends, tips, and tricks. Among the standout influencers is Sky, better known as @skylapaolino, whose sincere and detailed product reviews and beauty content have amassed a huge following.

Sky's recent post features her top picks from VieBeauti: the Premium Eyelash Serum and Teeth-Whitening Pen. She sings praises for the Eyelash Serum, noting its transformative effects on her lashes, resulting in a lush, voluminous look. Her excitement extends to the Teeth-Whitening Pen, which swiftly removes stains, leaving behind a radiant smile after just a few applications.

Curious to delve deeper into Sky's beauty secrets? Explore the specifics below for a comprehensive insight into her newfound favorites.

A trailblazing formula for healthy lashes

Experience captivating eyes naturally with the VieBeauti Eyelash Serum

In just two weeks, this nourishing serum works wonders, promoting new lash growth and fortifying existing hairs for bold, dramatic eyes. Powered by potent amino acids like L-isoleucine and aspartic acid, it fills in patchy lash lines and strengthens hair structure, leaving lashes lush and voluminous. 

Rich in nutrients and infused with arginine, it hydrates brittle lashes, bidding adieu to uncomfortable fake ones. Gentle on delicate lash tissues, its botanical ingredients ensure sheen and luster without irritation. Conveniently apply with the fine-tip wand for a hassle-free regimen morning and night.

A game-changing oral care device

The Teeth-Whitening Pen by VieBeauti is a simple and effective option. The powerful combination of carbamide peroxide, potassium sorbate, and polysorbate 20 in its formula guarantees the removal of tough surface stains caused by beverages such as coffee and wine, among others. This teeth-whitening pen lightens discoloration with the touch of a pen, allowing you to flash a whiter, brighter smile. 

Those who are often on the move will love this product because of its small size and portability, which makes application a breeze. Put an end to inconvenient and costly dental procedures; the Teeth Whitening Pen from VieBeauti is a quick and easy alternative.