(Photo : Vecteezy / Tiumentseva Irina)

If there is one thing missing from nail polish, it would be fragrances. So, some brands came forward to offer scented nail polish, elevating user experience and banishing bad nail polish odor.

Scented Nail Polish

Scented nail polish adds a fun twist to your manicure, offering delightful fragrances that release upon drying. Despite its normal chipping, this polish provides a cute and colorful finish. The scent, initially strong, fades quickly after applying the topcoat. 

This occurs due to the evaporation of solvents like butyl acetate and ethyl acetate. While the scents don't linger, they enhance the overall user experience, making it worth the affordable price of $2 per bottle.

Top Brand Choices

Although the market for scented nail polish is not so saturated just yet, some brands already carry scented nail polish products.

1. Madam Glam

Nothing says warm like Madam Glam's scented soak-off gel nail polish in Spiced Cinnamon. The scent is noticeable when the gel is wet and lasts until it dries. This vegan and cruelty-free polish comes in a 15-milliliter bottle and is free from 21 toxic chemicals. For long-lasting results, use the base and top coat from the same line and avoid putting on lotion before application. Priced affordably, this polish provides a cozy and fragrant manicure experience.

2. Nails.Inc

Cherry Special Fruit Scented Nail Polish is Nails.Inc's new vibrant cherry red shade with a delightful cherry scent. With a price of $11, this polish provides a juicy boost to your nails, delivering a fully pigmented look with a glossy finish. Formulated with the Nails.Inc longwear formula and a wide hugging brush, ensure flawless application for a stunning manicure every time.

3. Suncoat Girl

Suncoat Girl's scented nail polish set features six mini shades in vibrant colors and delightful fruity fragrances for only $19. This set comes with sticker decals and a nail file, packaged in a box with fruit-inspired graphics. 

Each color offers a different fresh and fruity scent, from soothing cucumber to stimulating mango papaya, creating a spa-like experience with every application.

4. I Scream Nails

I Scream Nails offers the Thickshake Scented Nail Polish for $13.50, a vanilla-scented bright blue shade with a cream finish. This polish is scented when dry, with the vanilla scent lasting as long as the polish does. 

The formula is 10-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and breathable, providing superior coverage with two to three coats and lasting up to seven days. All I Scream Nails polishes are made in Australia, featuring cute, ice cream-shaped bottles and high-quality packaging.

5. Revlon

This beauty industry giant offers a range of long-wearing and chip-resistant nail polishes and enamels in various colors. Priced affordably, these polishes are perfect for achieving a professional-looking manicure at home. 

They come in dark, bright, and neutral shades suitable for every season. Revlon's scented nail polishes feature fresh, fruity fragrances and include a silk-protein shield to smooth the nail surface and protect color from fading.

6. SinfulColors

Essenchills Collection by SinfulColors offers scented nail polishes inspired by calming self-care rituals. These polishes come in nine soothing colors, ranging from pastel to dark, with creamy and shimmery finishes -- all for $8.86. Formulated without harmful ingredients, these vegan and cruelty-free polishes allow you to create your own unique Zen looks at home.