(Photo : Unsplash / Kris Atomic)

Maintaining manicures is one way to keep your nails healthy and presentable. However, there are times when your nail polish becomes flaky and starts peeling. You might think that this is something unavoidable and uncontrollable, but there are ways to fix and avoid this nail polish problem.

Flaky, Peeling Nail Polish Problems

Nail polish can chip off for several reasons, including poor nail preparation, application technique, and the quality of the polish itself. If your nails are not cleaned properly or are oily, the polish will not adhere well. Applying too thick or too thin layers can also lead to chipping. Additionally, using old or low-quality polish can cause premature chipping. To prevent this, here are some fixes:

The Fix

When your nail polish starts chipping, it can be tempting to pick at it, but that can damage your nails further. Instead, try these tips to fix flaky, peeling nail polish. 

Thin Layers

To solve thick nail polish issues, start by applying thin layers of polish and allowing each coat to dry completely before adding another. If the polish is too thick, it will not cure or dry properly, leading to peeling. Ensure each layer is dry to the touch before adding the next. If needed, use a quick-dry top coat to speed up the drying process. This method will help the polish bond correctly and prevent it from becoming too thick and prone to peeling.

Proper Nail Prep

To ensure your nail polish lasts, prepare your nails properly. Push back or trim your cuticles to prevent them from creating a ledge where polish can lift off. Clean and dehydrate your nails before applying polish to remove excess moisture and oil. You can use alcohol pads or nail polish remover for this. Additionally, applying a base coat or gently buffing your nails can add texture, helping the polish grip better and last longer.

Quality of Nail Polish

To prevent nail polish from peeling due to low quality, start by checking if the polish is old or subpar. If it is old and thick, try adding nail polish remover or acetone to thin it out, or warm the bottle in your hands or under hot water to loosen it up. For subpar nail polish, invest in high-quality, long-lasting options.
Quality polish not only lasts longer but also helps prevent issues like yellowing with white nail polish. Orly offers high-quality nail polish and gel polish that some professionals recommend because the products do not peel prematurely.

Cutting, Filing, and Buffing

To avoid damaging gel nail polish, refrain from cutting or filing your nails while the gel is still on. Doing so can break the seal and cause the nail polish to peel off prematurely. Instead, wait until the nail polish is removed before cutting or filing your nails. If you prefer shorter nails, start with them short when you apply the nail polish to prevent them from growing too long. 

Additionally, if you are using gel nails, avoid using clippers or files, as this can also break the seal and lead to lifting and peeling.