A bottle of do son perfume Credit : vitalina/pexels

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year. Maybe it's seeing everything in bloom, or perhaps it's wearing a light jacket, but either way, springtime brings change, renewal, and joy. As the seasons change, it's always fun to switch up your wardrobe, your skincare routine, and, of course, your fragrances.

These fragrances are great to wear year-round, but we think they're best in the spring.

Armani Prive Thé Yulong

This unisex fragrance was inspired by tea and the Yulong Mountains in China. This refreshing scent has notes of both black tea and green tea. The scent is woodsy with a touch of citrus, which makes it refreshing but also smoky. The black tea notes in this give it an earthy aroma, while the green tea adds citrus notes.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray

This is a classic spring and summer fragrance for a reason. It was created to invoke the feeling of sun-drenched skin on the Mediterranean Sea. The scent is super fresh and aquatic, making it ideal for warmer months. Alberto Morillas created the scent. It features notes of citrus, rosemary, and patchouli, as well as juniper and oakmoss.

Creed Green Irish Tweed

Since this fragrance is described as green, of course, it's super spring-friendly. The scent is fresh, green, and aromatic. We love it because it has top notes of lemon, verbena, and peppermint, giving it a refreshing feel. As you dive into the heart note, you'll be met with notes of lavender, geranium, and violet, which give it a floral touch. The base notes of this are woodsy due to the sandalwood, cedarwood, and oakmoss.

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

This scent was inspired by Vietnamese craftsmanship. It was specifically inspired by a seaside resort, making it great for warmer months.

One of the founders of this brand, Yves Coueslant, spent his summer in the Vietnamese village of Do Son, where he fell in love with tuberose, which helped inspire this scent. Tuberose is a bit spicier compared to your typical rose.

Diptyque's Do Son is a unisex floral scent that has a touch of mystery, warmth, and brightness. It has notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose.

Elorea Heaven (건) Eau de Parfum

This scent was created to transport you to a flower garden, which is why we love it for springtime. This perfume has top notes of green tea, bergamot, and pink pepper to elevate the floral heart notes. The heart notes you'll find in this scent are jasmine, freesia, and rose. To round out the scent, the base notes give this scent a lot of warmth because they are musk, amber, vanilla, and patchouli.