Brunette woman brushing her hair Credit : Greta Hoffman/ Pexels

Did you know that picking the right hairbrush for your hair can seriously change your life? First, you need to determine if you'd prefer a brush with synthetic bristles, natural ones, or something in the middle. Although each type of brush has its own benefits, we love using natural brushes on thin hair. 

According to the Morrocco Method, natural brushes work to promote healthy hair growth. They can help condition your hair, add shine, and help prevent split ends and breakage. Additionally, they can help your scalp's oil production. 

Natural brushes are an exciting investment, so we broke down a few of our favorites for you to pick up. 

Bass 876S Striped Bamboo

We love this brush because it has a natural bamboo handle that gives it a luxurious look. It uses 100% natural bristles, which will help your hair distribute natural oils. It can also help remove impurities such as dandruff and particles, so your hair looks as good as it feels.  

Saya The Boar Brush

The brush's natural bristles, which are derived from boars, will help redistribute your natural oils and are anti-static. The boar bristles can absorb excess oils in your hair and redistribute it to areas where it is needed. In addition, they can help with split ends as well as hair growth. Something we want to mention is that a portion of the proceeds for this brush goes to 1% for the Planet, which supports non-profits in the environmental space. 

Crown Affair The Brush No. 003

We love this brush because it is great to use pre-wash. It can be used to help release and loosen buildup, which will actually make your hair feel clean. It is recommended to be used starting from the scalp down. When you brush in this style, it helps give your hair a shine by redistributing its natural oils. It can also be used to detangle your hair. 

Mason Pearson Handy Boar Bristle Hairbrush B3

This hairbrush can help add volume to your hair while also helping you with frizz and flyaways. It can help you get rid of tangles, massage your scalp, and distribute your natural oils. It is recommended to use this brush if you have mid-length hair with a lot of density. 

Morrocco Method Pure Boar Bristle Brush

This is a favorite because the bristles are soft but effective. The brand describes its brush as a dry shampoo as opposed to just a styling tool because, like dry shampoo, it spreads oils already in your hair to the areas they are needed while stimulating your scalp. This brush can help increase your blood flow, which helps hydrate your hair and scalp while also leaving your hair looking shiny.