(Photo : Vecteezy / Olga Gorkun)

Shiny, shimmery nail polish has a special place in every girl's heart. Admit it or not, metallic manicures are making a comeback, and it is doing so with a lot of style. This edgy look has grown to be even more irresistible as new nail art styles see the light of day.

Metallic Manicures

Metallic nail polish offers a wide array of shades to elevate your nail game. Whether you love bold colors or stick to classics, metallics add a new dimension to your mani. Even if you are a fan of minimalist French tips, metallic polish can take your look to the next level. From silver and gold to holographic shifts and rose gold, metallic nails make a statement. Try these latest metallic manicures:

Gold Foil Nails

For a textured metallic nail look, try Betina Goldstein's gold foil mani with delicate roses. This romantic style may need a professional touch, so look for photo inspirations for your next nail appointment. Using gold foil on your nails gives a glamorous vibe to your fingers.

One Shiny Silver Nail

Add a touch of elegance to your nails with a shiny silver accent. Whether you go for a minimalist look with just one silver nail or pair it boldly with other colors, this trend is perfect for adding sophistication and flair to your style.

Metallic Rainbow

For a fun twist on metallic nails, try a colorful rainbow manicure with metallic finishes. This trendy look combines multiple colors for a vibrant and eye-catching style that is sure to stand out. If you don't have a lot of metallic colors, use your regular striking opaque nail polishes, then top with KBShimmer's Prism Break Glitter Polish Top Coat.

Starry Starry Nails

Whether you use nail stickers or paint the stars on, it's your choice! But first, choose a base color. This will be the background of your shiny stars. We suggest pairing milky white nail polish with gold, dark blue, and silver stars.

Swirly Metallics

Get a stylish negative space look with metallic swirls in rich burgundy. Using a thin nail striping brush, paint curved lines on your nails, and fill them in for a chic finish. For a more complex design, try a retro rainbow swirl, but this style is better done by a professional.

Mirror, Mirror on Your Nails

Achieve high shine with chrome nails using nail stickers from Dashing Diva's chrome collection. This trendy, reflective look has been spotted everywhere, from social media to your office building!

Metallic Tips

Shiny metallic tips on opaque plain bases are easy to do. You can use French-tip stencil stickers for wide uniform tips or fine brushes for skinny tips. Use opaque colors like L.A. Girl Liquid Chrome Nail Polish for a quick metallic manicure.