SkinCeuticals Launches Serum That Improves Efficacy of Anti-Aging Treatments
(Photo : SkinCeuticals)

There's a new serum in town from SkinCeuticals. It is said to boost the effects of your anti-aging treatments.

New Serum from SkinCeuticals

SkinCeuticals introduced the Cell Cycle Catalyst, a serum designed to enhance the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments. The formula targets key signs of aging by accelerating cellular turnover, boosting energy and vitality, stimulating barrier renewal, and removing dead surface cells.

SkinCeuticals emphasized its commitment to innovation and transformative skincare, positioning Cell Cycle Catalyst as a pioneering product in the field.

Cell Cycle Catalyst + Anti-Aging Treatments

Cell Cycle Catalyst is a lightweight, daily-use serum that accelerates skin surface renewal cycles, enhancing anti-aging results. 

Suitable for all skin types, this serum is clinically proven to boost anti-aging effects with a 7.7% multi-acid complex and 1% taurine. Cell Cycle Catalyst gently peels and enhances cellular turnover while smoothing your skin's texture. The product also improves discoloration and reduces visible lines. This exfoliating serum also maintains optimal hydration, supporting a healthy skin barrier. 

It is an ideal first step in an anti-aging routine, promoting cell turnover, improving fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, pores, and blemishes, and leaving skin hydrated. Aside from being fragrance-free, silicone-free, and alcohol-free, it is also suitable for daily use in any morning or evening skincare routine. Plus, it is TSA-approved so you can bring it with you when you travel.

Cell Cycle Catalyst can be safely used with retinol products. It is also suitable for those who can't tolerate retinol. However, always consult with your physician or aesthetician for personalized advice. 

Due to the acids in the formula, wearing sunscreen is recommended as the final step in your morning routine to protect against UVA/UVB rays, especially if you experience increased skin sensitivity.

How it works

Cell Cycle Catalyst works by accelerating your skin's natural cell turnover process, which tends to slow down with age. This serum helps to shed dead skin cells and replace them with new ones, reducing the buildup of debris on the skin's surface that can lead to visible signs of aging like wrinkles, discoloration, and roughness. 

By promoting cellular renewal, Cell Cycle Catalyst enhances the effectiveness of anti-aging serums and treatments, allowing them to penetrate better and deliver more noticeable results. 

The addition of taurine, a potent anti-inflammatory amino acid, boosts cellular energy, stimulates skin barrier renewal, and maintains optimal hydration levels, leaving the skin looking and feeling more vibrant and youthful.