Black model using hand cream Credit : Anete Lusina / Pexels

You probably have a skincare routine and maybe even a body care one, but have you thought about building a hand care routine? If not, you should.

Although you might not think about it often, your hands are exposed to a lot of different things, from crazy temperatures to water and more. All of these can impact your hands. Don't your hands deserve a little extra love?

Here is how to create a simple and effective hand care routine. 

Wash your hands

Although this seems like an essential thing, there are right and wrong ways to wash your hands. It is recommended by Jergens that you use a mild soap or moisturizing hand wash to keep your hands hydrated. You should be washing your hands in cold or lukewarm water only because heat, just like with your hair, can dry you out. 

Exfoliate your hands

Your hands need exfoliation one to two times a week. You should exfoliate your skin because it will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling smooth. This step should be done just a few days a week, not every day. 

Correct and treat your hands

Do you have a lot of dark spots? Are your hands extremely dry? Use a cream, gel, lotion, or other product that can address your concerns. This is the step in your routine that is basically the equivalent of a serum. Every step of your routine is customizable, but here, you have the most freedom to cater the treatment to you. 

Moisturize your hands  

This is another obvious step, and it is extremely important during the drier seasons like winter. Since your hands are exposed to a lot of different contaminants or just things in general, it is really important to keep them hydrated and moisturized. Jergens recommends moisturizing your hands after exfoliating, dishwashing, before you go to bed, and after a bath. It's a really great life hack to apply a thicker moisturizer before bed, so your hands can repair themselves overnight. 

Wear SPF 

Yes, you need to wear SPF on your hands. We know it sounds crazy, but hear us out. Sunscreen can help protect your hands from sunburn and helps with premature aging. Using SPF will keep your hands looking younger and healthier. Make sure to apply moisturizer first and reapply sunscreen if you'll be outside all day.