CND Across the Mani-verse collecton
(Photo : CND)

CND, a leading brand in the nail care industry, has unveiled its latest collection, "Across the Mani-Verse," featuring a vibrant spectrum of colors aimed at uplifting spirits as the spring of 2024 approaches.

The collection, described as a journey through whimsical colors, holographic finishes, and psychedelic motifs, consists of six kaleidoscopic shades that pay homage to an alternate reality while encapsulating the essence of the season with lively pastels enhanced by contrasting pearl effects.

Jan Arnold, the co-founder of CND, expressed excitement about the creative process behind the collection.

"We had so much fun creating this collection, merging elements reminiscent of the hippie era with the modern digital world, and the vivid, extraordinary colors that unfold within it," Arnold said as she emphasized the versatility of the finishes, noting that they reflect an interplay of light that allows for endless options for nail art and self-expression.

The "Across the Mani-Verse" collection is available in both CND Shellac Gel Polish and CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish formats, offering salon-goers nationwide the opportunity to indulge in these unique and mood-boosting shades.

The palette includes shades like "Char-Truth," described as a bright chartreuse shade with blue iridescent shimmer, "Chic-A-Delic," a soft cool periwinkle with a magenta shimmer, "Daydreaming," a peachy orange crème, "Hazy Games," a slate gray crème with a hint of smoky purple, "Hippie-O-Cracy," a light sky blue with an aqua green shimmer, and "Ro-Mani-Cize," a smoky mauve paired with a pink shimmer.

In an interview with the nail artists behind the designs for "Across the Mani-Verse" – Emily Nash, Torie Bastien, and Jessica Warzyniak – the artists shared their inspiration and enthusiasm for the collection, highlighting its ability to add a whimsical touch to one's style.

The CND Shellac Gel Polish, a key component of the collection, is designed to provide long-lasting wear when used as a complete nail system, comprising a Base Coat, Color Coat, and Top Coat, alongside the exclusive CND Shellac Lamp.

With its fusion of nostalgia, modernity, and vibrant colors, CND's "Across the Mani-Verse" collection aims to inspire creativity and self-expression in nail art enthusiasts as they welcome the arrival of spring.

The collection is now available for purchase at, Esther’s Nail Center, and other beauty retailers.