(Photo : Vecteezy / Benis Arapovic)

Ever wonder why there are sauna rooms in some wellness spas? Well, that's because these steamy enclosed rooms not only benefit the body but also your skin and hair.

About Sauna Rooms

Sauna rooms offer a relaxing retreat, perfect for unwinding after a workout or combating chilly weather. Whether you prefer the dry heat of a sauna or the humid warmth of a steam room, both provide a plethora of benefits.

Saunas are typically heated between 180 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit with low humidity, creating a dry heat environment. Traditional wood-burning saunas and electric saunas are the two main types, each offering the same therapeutic effects. 

Skin and Hair Benefits

Sweating in a sauna can also help with skin issues like acne by naturally cleansing your pores. Overall, saunas provide a natural and effective way to relax, rejuvenate, and improve your skin. Here are the details:

Pore Dilation

Saunas work wonders for your skin by opening up your pores, allowing your skin to breathe and release toxins. This natural cleansing process can help improve acne and give you clearer, healthier skin. Consider incorporating sauna sessions into your skincare routine to achieve a naturally radiant complexion.


Saunas offer a natural way to detoxify your body by inducing sweating, which helps remove toxins and impurities from your skin. This process not only rejuvenates your skin but also promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Improved Circulation 

Sauna heat promotes improved circulation, boosting your heart rate and delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your skin. This increased blood flow helps rejuvenate skin cells, moisturizing your face and body naturally. By stimulating blood flow, saunas can help keep your skin looking young and support efficient repair processes, which tend to slow down with age.

Acne Reduction 

Saunas can help prevent acne by unclogging pores and reducing breakouts. Sweating in the sauna draws oxygen and nutrients to the skin's surface, promoting skin cell rejuvenation. This process moisturizes the skin naturally and without harsh chemicals, improving overall skin health. Additionally, the steam in saunas can improve skin hydration and reduce the amount of acne-causing sebum on the skin, further contributing to clearer skin.

Hair Growth 

Sauna sessions can promote hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. This improved circulation ensures that oxygen and nutrients are efficiently delivered to the hair, supporting its growth and vitality. Saunas also help protect hair from damage and breakage caused by environmental factors, making hair appear healthier and more resilient.

Moisture Retention

Saunas can help retain moisture in the hair, protecting it from damage and keeping it healthy-looking. 

Using sauna rooms helps retain moisture in the hair by protecting it from damage and breakage caused by pollution, stress, and other factors. The intense heat in a sauna stimulates hair vitalization while maintaining moisture levels, ensuring healthier-looking hair.

Skin and Hair Risks

Saunas offer a range of benefits for both skin and hair health. From cleansing pores and detoxifying the skin to promoting hair growth and improving circulation, regular sauna use can contribute to healthier, clearer skin and stronger, more vibrant hair. 

However, individuals with sensitive skin or certain skin conditions should exercise caution and consult with a dermatologist before using a sauna.

Using a sauna can also pose risks such as dehydration and dizziness from the heat, especially for those with cardiovascular issues. An expert tip is to stay hydrated before and after sauna use, which is easily done by simply drinking water. 

Avoid the sauna if you are sick, feverish, intoxicated, or pregnant, as the heat can worsen these conditions. If you ever feel unwell during or after sauna use, consider reducing the frequency and duration of your sessions. 

Always consult your doctor, especially if you have a chronic condition or take medication, to determine the safest sauna routine for you.