Everyone needs a hairbrush, but as you stare at your beat-up hairbrush, you might be wondering how often you should replace it. How long should you be keeping this? You might even be wondering how to take care of it and clean it to make it last longer. Whatever the question, we're here with a ton of answers to help you solve all your hairbrush dilemmas.

Chances are, if you've had a hairbrush for quite some time, you'll find it covered in what appears to be dust. We hate to break it to you; the residue you see on your brush is more than dust. According to the New York Times, it can be scalp oil, dead skin cells, product residue, and hair clumps. It can also be a sign your brush might need replacing. 

Since your brush is the one tool you use every day, you're removing all the gunk mentioned above, but at the same time, it's also getting added back to your hair. This could make your hair a lot greasier and weigh it down. 

This brings up the question: if you clean your brush, will it last longer? Should I be cleaning my brush more? The answer is yes. You should be washing your brush at least once a month. But if you suffer from dandruff, it's recommended to wash it as often as two weeks, according to Real Simple.

It is also important to note that depending on what type of brush you have, you'll need to use different methods to clean it. However, while frequent cleaning can extend the life of your brush, you will need to replace it eventually. 

Experts suggest that you should be replacing your hairbrush every six to 12 months, regardless of whether it's synthetic or made with natural bristles. Even if you buy a higher-quality brush, it could last up to a year.

Timing isn't the only example of knowing when to replace your brush. Some other signs could be buildup, separating bristles. and fraying.

If your gut is telling you to let it go, chances are, it's probably right.