(Photo : Vecteezy / Vladimir Taut)

Various 3D nail trends are popping up every now and then with new embellishments you can use on your nails. These include tiny resin flatbacks or cabochons, rhinestones and gems, and builder gels. For the first two types, choosing the right nail art adhesives is crucial so that your nail art stays on longer.

Nail Art Adhesives

In the world of 3D nail art, rhinestones and embellishments are key players. These tiny gems can add a touch of glamor to your fingertips. Whether you are attaching them with gel polish, resin, or nail glue, they are sure to get you noticed.

When it comes to applying rhinestones, gems, and 3D nail cabochons, using the right adhesive is key. 

There are several options for attaching rhinestones to nails. You can use a top coat, which is quick and simple but less permanent. You can still use this method on smaller embellishments.

Nail glue or resin provides more staying power but can be tricky to work with, so if you decide to go with this type of adhesive, be patient and practice!

Gel polish is another option, offering a long-lasting hold, especially for larger charms and chains. But you will need a UV lamp for this one.

Here are some highly-rated products to choose from:

Makartt Nail Rhinestone Glue Gel 

This is a super strong adhesive designed for both natural and artificial nails, including gel polish nails and acrylics. Makartt Nail Rhinestone Glue Gel is perfect for securing gems, jewels, beads, and rhinestones, ensuring they stay in place for up to two weeks. 

The tube design makes it easy to use without mess or spillage. Made from natural resin, this glue is environmentally friendly and safe for skin and nails. Just apply, cure with a UV lamp, and enjoy your sparkling nail art!

Modelones 4-in-1 Nail Glue Gel

Modelones 4-in-1 Nail Glue Gel Kit offers everything you need for beautiful, long-lasting nails. The kit includes Nail Prep Dehydrate and Nail Glue, which can be used for nail tips or as a base gel, blooming gel, and nail art decorations adhesive. 

Made from natural resin, these products are safe, low odor, and gentle on your nails. The Nail Prep Dehydrate cleans the nail surface and helps bond natural nails and manicure products, while the Nail Glue Gel provides strong support, ensuring your nails last up to three to four weeks without popping off or shifting. Perfect for professional salons and DIY nail enthusiasts, this kit requires curing under a UV/LED lamp for 60 to 90 seconds for optimal results.

Born Pretty Nail Rhinestone Glue

This 10-gram bottle of transparent gel polish is not only easy to apply but also quick-drying with any UV light, making it perfect for professional or home nail art design. Made from healthy and environmentally friendly materials, Born Pretty Nail Rhinestone Glue is safe and easy to soak off. 

Simply follow the professional usage steps for a flawless finish. Remember to follow the removal steps carefully and keep the bottle tightly sealed and out of sunlight.

Crystal Nails USA Gem Glue

Crystal Nails USA's Gem Glue is a game-changer for nail art enthusiasts because of its soluble gum gel formula. This soak-off glue gel is perfect for attaching rhinestones and beads with ease. Its gummy texture ensures the rhinestones stay in place, and after curing, it leaves a shiny finish. With a curing time of just three minutes in a UV lamp or two minutes in an LED lamp, this gel is a must-have for any nail artist.

Rhinestones Unlimited GemGel

GemGel by Rhinestones Unlimited offers the best value, whether in a six-container package or as a single bottle. This resin adhesive cures like a gel, requiring a UV/LED lamp. It is perfect for creating high-quality, long-lasting crystal manicures or embellishing hard surfaces like cellphone covers or jewelry bezels. GemGel cures to a tack-free, clear finish and can be softened with acetone. Simply apply with a gel brush, place your crystals, and cure for a durable bond.

Yes, it is important to use a top coat under the rhinestones to maintain their sparkle. However, GemGel is strong enough that you won't need a top coat over the rhinestones to keep them secure and shining.