A model applying a hand lotion Credit : Moose Photos/ Pexels

Winter can be rough on all aspects of your life. Although you might not be able to control how much snow you get, you can take charge of your winter hand care routine. Although we use our hands all the time, it's still so easy to neglect taking care of them.

To give your hands some TLC this winter, here are some tips and tricks. 

Exfoliate your hands 

You have a skincare routine, so why not create your own handcare routine? Exfoliating your skin is helpful because it can remove the dead skin cells, which will allow your products to absorb better. 

Try a hand serum  

You use a serum for your face, so it should come as no surprise there is one for your hands. Serums are great for keeping your hands looking and feeling hydrated. Just like a face serum, a hand serum can cater to your specific concerns. It can be layered with moisturizer, so you can easily create your own routine. 

Do not skimp on the moisturizer

We know this is common knowledge, but winter is extremely drying, which is why it is crucial to use a hydrating moisturizer. Voesh.com suggests that you massage your hand lotion or moisturizer into your hands and cuticles two to four times a day. It is also recommended that you apply a moisturizer before bed and let the magic work overnight. 

Wear gloves

Yes, your winter gloves do more than keep your hands warm during the winter. They help protect your skin from drying elements like the winter breeze and more. Wearing rubber gloves as you're cleaning your home and doing chores also helps to protect your skin. 

Wash your hands the proper way during winter

Obviously, since 2020, the world of hand washing has changed. The more frequently you wash your hands, the more you're stripping your skin of its natural oils. WebMD suggests that to help protect your hands in the winter, you should wash them with lukewarm water, choose a mild soap, pat your hands dry, and apply moisturizer right away. 

If your hands are super dry, and you wash them a lot, try transitioning to a hand-sanitizing gel because it can be more gentle than soap and water. 

Consider using a humidifier 

Although it sounds random, we promise it is actually super helpful. Higher humidity can help with dry skin all over your body, including your hands. It helps because it adds moisture to the air. Bonus: it can help with your stuffed nose.