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A great option if you want to curl your lashes without worrying about them falling out or looking artificial is the AYASAL Lash Lift Kit Eyelash Perm Kit.

A lash lift kit can help you achieve longer, thicker lashes without the hassle and expense of lash extensions by lifting and curling your natural lashes. Additionally, they have a lengthy lifespan, usually lasting between six and eight weeks. Never again will you have to deal with the inconvenience of using eyelash curlers and mascara; a lash lift will do the trick.

Using only non-toxic, high-tech ingredients, this treatment will lift and curl your lashes for a whole month. Included in the at-home lash lift package are lifting pads, rods, brushes, cleaner, and lotion for nutrition, repair, and perming. A complete handbook is also provided. Any length or shape of eyelash can be styled with this technique. This is perfect for both experienced players and those just starting out.

You may find the product's instructions, tools, and bottles in the lovely box it comes in. 

The numerical and alphabetic symbols on the bottle labels stand for the directions for use. The tools are user-and germ-friendly because they are made of plastic and silicone. 

To put it simply, the user handbook is a collection of instructions on how to utilize the product. There are five other languages for which the handbook is accessible, in addition to English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Could the AYASAL Lash Lift Kit irritate delicate eye tissue? 

The majority of people who use the AYASAL Eyelash Perm Kit report no problems, but some people may experience stinging, redness, irritation, burning, or rash if they have allergies or sensitive eyes. As a result, speak to the doctor if you have any adverse effects after doing a skin test before using the product.

People with sensitive eyes should stay away from the chemical since it could irritate, infect, or hurt their eyes. Use soap and water to cleanse your hands before and after applying the ointment. Keep your hands away from your eyes at all times.

If you want to do a patch test, dab some of the chemicals behind your ear or inside your arm and wait a day to see whether they react negatively. Nothing harmful will happen if you apply it to your eyelashes. 

Please discontinue usage of the drug and consult a medical professional if you have any of the following side effects: redness, itching, burning, or scaling.

For the best possible outcome with this product, be sure to carefully adhere to the following criteria:

  • Be sure your eyelashes and surrounding area are dry and clear of oil before using a cotton pad to apply the cleaner.

  • Attach elevated rods or pads to your eyelids along the lash line using the provided glue. Depending on your preference and the length of your eyelashes, choose a rod or pad that is both large and sturdy.

  • Drizzle glue onto your eyelashes, then delicately lift and secure them to the rods or pads with the brush. Please verify the alignment and spacing of the items.

  • Before you apply the first perm lotion, wrap your eyelashes with plastic. If your eyelashes are really thick, you may need to leave it on for up to ten minutes.

  • Use a cotton pad to remove the perm lotion, and then apply fix lotion #2 to your eyelashes. Remove the plastic wrap and set aside for ten to fifteen minutes.

  • Use a cotton pad to remove the repair lotion, and then apply nourishing lotion #3 to your eyelashes. You can use a cotton pad to rub it off after five minutes.

  • Number four on the cleaner list is for getting rid of glue, pads, and rods from eyelids and lashes.

  • Give your newly altered lashes a month to grow on you.

Users were overwhelmingly pleased with AYASAL's kit. Here are some notable product reviews:

  • The product's intuitive layout, detailed instructions, and comprehensive set of functions make it ideal for newcomers.

  • The lotion's components are safe for use around the eyes and lash tissue, so you can apply it every day without concern.

  • The lash lift and curl won't require much upkeep because they last for one month.

  • Different-sized and shaped raise pads and rods let customers personalize their experience according to their tastes and the length of their eyelashes.

  • Because of its versatility and the fact that it produces salon-quality results for a low price, this solution is both practical and economical.

Some downsides of the product include:

  • Careful application is required for individuals with sensitivities to the adhesive or any of its ingredients, as well as those with sensitive skin, eyes, or respiratory conditions. A patch test should be conducted prior to using the product, and if any adverse reactions are observed, medical assistance should be sought.

  • Because each person's eyelashes are unique in terms of health, thickness, and growth cycle, assessment of product effectiveness may be subjective. The curl or lift may not last as long as you'd like, and not everyone gets it to look right.

  • The process may take some time, so you'll need to practice until you're proficient in making the production. Customer errors include improper lash installation, excessive or insufficient product application, and hasty removal of pads or rods.