Hair and Scalp Woes Effects of Wearing Hats
(Photo : Vecteezy / YES Studio)

Should men who wear caps and hats frequently be worried about their hair and scalp?

You may be worried about all the short videos that keep baiting you to click and watch. But the truth is that wearing hats does not directly cause hair loss. 

Hair loss is primarily influenced by genetics, age, hormonal imbalances, medical conditions, and lifestyle factors such as stress and diet. 

While there's a common belief that constantly wearing baseball and trucker caps can lead to hair loss for men, there's no scientific research supporting this claim. Understanding the true factors behind hair loss can help dispel myths and ensure that your fashion choices don't impact your hair health.

Here are some concerns over wearing hats explained:

Tight Hats

If your hats fit you perfectly without trying to wrestle with them every time you try to put them on, there's no problem! Wearing hats that are too tight for you can potentially affect blood circulation to the scalp, but it's unlikely to cause significant hair loss. However, if a hat is constantly worn too tightly, it can put excessive tension on the hair follicles, leading to traction alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by constant pulling on the hair. Take note that the important word here is "constant," so set your follicles free by adjusting the straps before wearing your hats and caps.

Sweaty and Unwashed

Wearing hats can increase sweating and potentially clog hair follicles, leading to temporary hair loss. Additionally, not washing hats regularly can cause sweat, bacteria, and dandruff buildup, impacting hair health.

Men justify not washing their caps because of that small tag inside that says, "Do not wash." Manufacturers put this in some hats and caps because some part of the hat, usually the brim, is made of cardboard. You can first research how to clean your caps and hats properly or have them professionally cleaned.

Careless Use

Some men can be rough with their actions, especially during activities that call for a lot of movement like playing football, working out, or maybe doing a morning sprint. They wear headgear for protection, headbands to keep sweat away from their eyes, or caps that are strapped to stay on. Friction from hats during active movements can contribute to hair breakage, but it's not a primary cause of hair loss. 

Careless use, where hair gets trapped in seams, can also cause some breakage, but there is no need to be alarmed. Just make sure your hair is combed before donning a cap so hair strands won't get into the straps and be pulled out.

The Verdict

When wearing hats, men should remember a few key things. 

Firstly, if the hat feels tight, it will do your hair a lot of good to loosen it and avoid putting pressure on the hair follicles. Secondly, it is advisable to avoid wearing hats during activities that cause sweating to prevent scalp irritation. Regularly washing hats helps keep them free of dirt, dust, and bacteria that can irritate the scalp.

Additionally, finding a few stray hairs in the hat is normal, as people typically lose about 150 hairs daily regardless of whether they wear hats or not. So, wear hats confidently for sun protection or style, knowing they will not significantly impact your hairline.