Trendy Beard Styles for Men of All Ages
(Photo : Vecteezy / Yulia Ryabokon)

This year, trendy beard styles are seen almost everywhere. Whether on the streets or in the office, you can see men of all ages sporting a certain beard style or another.

Beards are definitely in for 2024, adding character and maturity to any look. A OnePoll survey found that 33% of American males and 55% worldwide sport facial hair. The popularity of beards has grown, with over 40% of British men now sporting facial hair, according to a YouGov poll

With 27 different beard styles to choose from, finding the right one can enhance your appearance. Stubble is considered today's most attractive style, while the mustache and goatee are following closely. Whether young or old, there's a beard style to suit every man's age and personality, making it a timeless symbol of self-expression and style.

Here are six trendy beard styles you might want to consider for your next look:


The stubble is a versatile beard style suitable for men in their 20s to 40s, offering a low-maintenance, stylish, and clean look. It comes in various lengths, from short stubble to heavy stubble, depending on personal preference and facial hair growth. 

This style is easy to achieve; all you have to do is simply stop shaving for a few days. To add to that, it is quite easy to maintain. Some women prefer men with stubble, as experts explain that it offers a balance between masculinity and maturity. The stubble beard style also provides good coverage for imperfections like acne scars and is suitable for various settings, from the boardroom to a bar.

Pencil or Thin Mustache

The thin mustache, also known as the pencil mustache, is a rising trend that stylists predict to continue well into 2024.

It is a style statement that signifies a carefree yet meticulous approach to grooming. Before embracing this look, consider your personal style, how your facial hair grows, your hair color, and your interest in trendy hairstyles. The pencil mustache is particularly suitable for those with darker hair, but those with lighter hair can adjust the width to complement their natural look.

Classic Full Beard

The classic full beard is a mature and sophisticated style that grows from the cheekline downward, with a defined neckline. Ideal for men in their 30s to 40s, this beard style requires full facial hair growth.

Achieving a full beard can be challenging, as not all men can grow one. Yes, some have uneven growth or even patchy ones. It is important to start growing your beard while you are on leave from the office or perhaps on a summer break to get through the initial phase and seek the help of a professional stylist or barber for shaping and defining the neckline.

Short Boxed Beard

The short boxed beard, best suited for men in their 30s to 40s, features sharp lines around the jawline, giving it a box-like appearance. Also known as the "corporate beard," it offers a formal and clean look, ideal for those seeking a classy and refined style. This beard is versatile and office-friendly, complementing both professional and casual attire. 

Tailoring the angles can emphasize your best features and downplay any imperfections, making it a great choice for most face shapes. Ask your favorite barber to do the trimming to achieve the clean aesthetic that this beard style offers.

Grizzle Beard

Embracing a gray beard can be a bold statement of wisdom and style. It is a way to show that you are comfortable with who you are and how you look. Graying hair is not a sign of age but of experience, and wearing it confidently can enhance your masculine appeal. 

Remember that whether you prefer a grizzle, full beard, or another style, owning your gray can give you a rugged and distinguished look that sets you apart.

Short Goatee Beard Style

The short goatee beard style, also known as the standard or classic goatee, is a timeless facial hair choice that adds a touch of class without sacrificing your beard. This style, ideal for oval and round face shapes, features hair only on the chin, extending to the soul patch, with no hair on the cheeks or jaw. 

To achieve the perfect circle shape, it's advisable to visit a salon initially, but once you've got the look, maintenance can be done at home with regular trimming and shaving. Best suited for men in their 20s, the goatee offers a minimal yet stylish appearance.