Icy blue nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Ilya Komov )

Icy nail art is perfect for winter, complementing the snow or snow-themed decor often seen during the season.

While the holidays have come and gone, icy nail designs can help you stay on theme and celebrate the season beyond the Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities.

There are many ways to create icy-themed nails, and you can choose one based on your style and personality. Below are some cool ideas to inspire you. 

Shiny Blue Nails

light blue nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Mounthive)

For those looking for something simple to wear, consider a classic light blue manicure. Light blue represents the cool weather, so it is the perfect color to try out this winter.

If you want to amp up your nails' winter vibes, add a clear or silver shimmer top coat over the color to give it the snow effect.

Bare Nails with Shimmer

Sparkly White Nails
(Photo : Pexels/ ALTEREDSNAPS)

When we think of icy manicures, shimmer immediately comes to mind, as snow looks sparkly when sunlight hits ice crystals. Bare nails with silver or gold shimmer is one way to capture this effect and provide you with that winter aesthetic in a subtle way.

This particular manicure is elegant and is best worn with longer nails, as the length can help enhance the shimmers. 

Blue and White Marble Nails

blue and white marble nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Nikita Khandelwal )

If you want to try a new manicure, you can go for a silver and blue nail design with a unique twist. Use white nail polish for your base and then a mix of silver and blue polish for the marble design.

This technique is perfect for those who want to step up their nail game and create a manicure that will make people obsessed. This manicure is easy to learn, and even if you consider yourself a nail expert, you will have fun experimenting with this fun and unique style.

White and Silver Stripes

White and silver nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Ilya Komov)

Another icy nail inspo for winter is the white almond nails with silver stripes.

White nail polish is not only perfect for the winter theme, but it is also a trend among those who enjoy minimalist looks and the clean girl aesthetic.

This manicure is simple to do and recommended for those with almond shape nails. After applying white nail polish on each nail, draw one or two thin silver lines near the base of each nail. You can put your own spin on it by drawing silver lines on each nail except one on each hand.