A model holding a perfume Credit : INITIO Parfums Privés

As we get further into the season of love, perfume is a gift or thought that lingers on our minds. A person's scent is sometimes how we remember them, even if we've met only once. Plus, there's nothing like leaving a trail of your scent if you're planning on seducing someone at the bar or just trying to show off for your partner. Either way, Initio Parfums Privés' latest scent, Narcotic Delight Eau de Parfum, is sure to have everyone thinking about you. 

Narcotic Delight is a unisex fragrance that has notes of vanilla bean, pink pepper, cognac, cigar smoke, and a touch of cherry. The perfume is part of the brand's "Carnal Blends," which focuses on carnal desires. 

What makes this the perfect Valentine's Day scent is that in the fragrance's heart, it has hedione, which activates pheromones and triggers your brain's pleasure centers, making it feel seductive. According to Initio Parfums Privés, it uses 10 to 15 times the amount of hedione that other brands have, so get ready to have everyone fall in love with you.  

Narcotic Delight starts off with notes of vanilla and tobacco, and as it dries down, the scent of cherry and cognac lingers, making you smell like the most delicious cocktail you've ever had.

The lingering scent will remind you of jazz bars and late nights; you never want to forget it. The fragrance will make you feel like you've stepped into a vintage film in the best way. It's also a scent that truly lingers on your skin throughout the day and even into the evening and will earn you compliments -- it's earned us some.

Narcotic Delight Eau de Parfum is available on Initio Parfums Privés' website for $380. The brand offers a complimentary Narcotic Delight for every purchase of a 90-milliliter bottle of the perfume.

Initio Parfums Privés is a French brand that launched in 2015, focusing on how effective and powerful scents can be. It uses science as well as wisdom to create its products.