How to Trim a Beard
(Photo : Vecteezy / Елена Назарова)
Trimming a beard could be challenging so we simplified the steps for you. Keep reading to find out how to trim a beard.

Maintaining an enviable beard comes with certain responsibilities. Although you can have it done at a barbershop, it still pays to learn how to trim a beard.

Successfully trimming your beard entails a lot of practice. Yes, like other skills, you might have to do it several times before fully mastering how to trim a beard.

Items needed for this grooming routine include a beard comb, beard wash, towel, beard scissors or trimmers, and a shaver.

Step 1: Wash Up

To prepare your beard for trimming, start by washing and drying it thoroughly. This makes it easier to cut evenly. Washing your beard beforehand with a product like the minty Cremo All-In-One Beard and Face Wash helps remove dirt and soften the hair, making it easier to trim. Pat your beard dry with a towel, and use a beard comb or brush to shape it before trimming. This helps you see where you need to trim and ensures an even cut.

Step 2: Neckline

Mark where to trim your neckline by putting a finger horizontally just above your Adam's Apple. From this point, trim a vertical strip. Work outward under your jawline to one side, then return to the center and repeat on the other side. 

For a full beard, the neckline is crucial. Use your Adam's apple as a guide to create a soft curve from it to your ear, shaving everything below for a classic U-shaped neckline. Ensure symmetry and remove all hair below the neckline for a defined jawline. 

For longer beards, shape your neckline to follow the line of the bottom of your beard. Tapering the neckline involves using closer guards on your shears until you reach bare skin. Start with a beard guard half your beard length, trim up an inch from the bottom, and pull away from your neck as you go higher to create a gradual tapering effect. Repeat with a smaller guard, and finish with no guard for the last quarter inch. Manscaped's The Beard Hedger is a shaver with a beard guard at $100. 

Shave everything below the tapered line with Gillette Series 3X Action Sensitive for a clean look.

Step 3: Cheeks

Before trimming your beard on the cheeks, decide if you want a natural or defined look. For a defined look, use an electric trimmer with guards, starting with a larger guard and working down to smaller ones until you reach the desired length. Follow your sideburns' line down, keeping it straight or slightly rounded, and avoid curving inward toward your neck.

For a natural look, you can leave your cheeks as is.

Step 4: Mustache Shape

To shape your mustache, decide if you want it the same length as your beard or slightly longer for emphasis. For a clean lipline, close your mouth and smile, then trim the bottom of the mustache to create a 1 millimeter clear line above your lips. Use beard shears or a trimmer to trim the hairs on your upper lip, combing them down first for even length. Trim a little at a time, starting lower and adjusting upward to your liking. To soften the bottom edge, point cut along the edge with scissors, making tiny snips to create a natural look.

Step 5: Final Trim and Cleanup

After trimming your beard to the desired length, check its shape. If it's too square, clean up the edges where the back meets the bottom, just below your jaw hinges, to soften the angle and create a natural, rounded corner. Use a beard comb or brush to remove stray hairs, then trim any noticeable flyaways with beard-trimming scissors. Comb through your beard again to catch any missed hairs, but be cautious not to over-trim. Viking Revolution Kit includes a sustainably sourced wooden beard comb, scissors, and a cleaning brush, all in a velvet brush pouch.

Step 6: Style

To style your beard, apply beard oil or balm, then use a beard comb to shape it. Burt's Bees Conditioning Beard Balm is a favorite among men as it keeps your beard healthy and tamed. The product is formulated with aloe, hemp, and other botanicals that are safe for daily use. Assess your work and touch up any missed spots. Wait a day to see if you're still happy with the trim after showering and restyling. Comb and brush your beard frequently, trimming conservatively.