Pimple Patches: How They Work
(Photo : Vecteezy / YES Studio)

Online selling platforms seem to be overrun by tiny circle pimple patches. Social media has a hand in this, with some influencers raving about its effects.

With buyers and demand increasing as days go by, these adhesive dots continue to gain popularity. But what are pimple patches exactly, and how do they work?

Pimples are a type of acne that often pops up during puberty due to hormonal changes. They are sometimes called "zits" and occur when dead skin cells mix with the excess oil on your face. The chain reaction starts as it clogs your pores and causes swelling. Bacteria can then infect the pore, leading to pus.

Although pimples start at puberty, they can still occur in adults. 

Pimple patches are like little bandages you stick right onto a pimple to help it heal faster. You stick them on after washing and moisturizing your face. You leave the patches overnight or for a minimum of eight hours. These patches come in different sizes and are meant for one-time use, but if it is not yet time to remove them, you can use waterproof patches so that you can still leave them on while you shower.

How do pimple patches work?

Pimple patches work like tiny bandages for your pimples. You stick it on, making sure it is centered. This is because the center is formulated with a gel called hydrocolloid to help pimples heal faster. 

The traditional type of patches cover and protect the pimple with a hydrocolloid membrane. Active ingredients type patches are those with added ingredients like salicylic acid to enhance treatment. 

Hydrocolloid acts like a magnet, drawing out the pus or sebum from your pimple and promoting quicker healing. The patch structure prevents you from picking at your pimples because this action can introduce bacteria and slow down healing.

Experts suggest using pimple patches on open, draining pimples so that the patches will absorb fluids while protecting the area. 

The patches create a clean, moist environment for faster healing.

How do you use pimple patches?

To use a pimple patch, start as soon as you notice a pimple forming, especially if the patch contains active ingredients. 

Even if the pimple is already there, using a patch can help it heal faster by preventing further touching. 

Apply the patch to clean, dry skin, making sure to cleanse any leaking or oozing from the pimple first. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight, depending on the product. You can wear transparent patches during the day, and waterproof ones can even be worn in the shower. 

When you remove the patch, you should see the pimple has reduced in size. Clean the spot thoroughly before applying another patch. As the patch absorbs moisture and impurities, it turns white, indicating it's time to replace it. 

After removing the patch, continue with your regular skincare routine.