'science-based' makeup contour
(Photo : Pexels/ Alena Darmel)

TikTok has become the go-to app for many when it comes to makeup trends, and one beauty hack that recently went viral on the platform is the "science-based" makeup contouring trend.

Started by dermatologist Dr. Charles Puza, known as Dr. Charles on TikTok, the trend took over social media, with beauty influencers such as NikkieTutorials trying it out.

According to Dr. Charles' tutorial, the contouring hack based on "the principles of aesthetic beauty" begins with taking a contour stick and using it to create lines on specific areas of the face before applying foundation.

The first line is drawn from the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth. He then draws a line from the ala (halfway down the side of your nose) to the tragus (part of the ear that sticks out from the side of your face). After this, a curved line is drawn from the tragus to the corner of the mouth, partly overlapping with the second line.

According to Dr. Charles, the point where the two lines intersect is the point of maximal projection on your face. He noted that everything below this point should be shaded darker.

Dr. Charles advised remembering where your maximal projection point is before erasing the lines he had created.

He then created a new line starting from the ear, passing through the point of maximal projection, and going down to the corner of the mouth.

Dr. Charles said users should then contour in downward motions using the line as a guide.

According to the dermatologist, this is supposed to give you the perfect contour for your face and works for everyone since it's based on your own features.

This trend can be done easily by using a contour stick such as the Makeup by Mario Softsculpt Shaping Stick or the NYX Creme Wonder Contour and Highlighter Stick.