Woman applying oil to cuticles
(Photo : Pexels/ Karolina Grabowska)

Getting healthy nails takes time and research as we all have different nail concerns and ways to fix them. Women who frequently get manicures or remove acrylic nails will notice their nails becoming brittle and dry over time.

Fortunately, some nail care products can aid in reviving your nails and cuticles, prevent further damage, and replenish them.

Below are five nail care products that can help you get stronger, healthier nails.

OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil

OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil
(Photo : Ulta Beauty)

Achieving healthy nails is possible with the help of the OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil for hands and feet.

Cuticle oil can help keep your cuticles and nails moisturized between nail appointments. During colder months, nails and cuticles tend to become dry, so it's helpful to apply oils to replenish them.

The OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil is formulated with avocado oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, and sesame seed oil, which are known to promote healthier nails.

CND RescueRXx

CND Rescuer Xx
(Photo : Ulta Beauty)

Keratin is popular ingredient in haircare and nail care products because it is known to aid in strengthening hair and nails.

The CND RescueRXx is a daily keratin treatment to apply to nails to provide daily conditioning between manicures. According to CND, this nail treatment clinically improved nail condition in one week.

For best results, use this on unpainted nails twice a day, massaging the whole nail and cuticle. Expect healthier nails after at least four weeks of consistent use.

BeautyGarde Rocket Nail Fuel

Beauty Garde Rocket Nail Fuel
(Photo : Beauty Garde )

Another product that can strengthen nails is the BeautyGarde Rocket Nail Fuel, which is made for weak, brittle, or damaged nails.

With the plant extracts in this strengthener, consistent use is expected to bring nail growth, repair, and added strength.

Those with damaged nails are recommended to use this nail strengthener as it will give you healthier natural nails in a little less than eight weeks.

The BeautyGarde Rocket Nail Fuel will dry in 60 seconds and harden your nails in four minutes.

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy Nail Strengthener

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy Nail Strenghthening
(Photo : Sally Beauty )

If you have weak, thin, or peeling nails, Nail Tek's Intensive Therapy Nail Strengthener may be just what you need to give them a boost. This product is designed to thicken and strengthen brittle nails, providing long-lasting and quick results.

Nail Tek recommends using it daily on bare nails for seven days to seal and protect edges before applying nail polish. For continued strengthening benefits, Nail Tek suggests re-applying the product after seven days.

Londontown Kur Restorative Nail Cream

Londontown Kur Restorative Nail Cream
(Photo : London Town USA)

Revive and strengthen your weak and damaged nails with the Londontown Kur Restorative Nail Cream.

This cream is specially designed to condition and revive brittle or cracked nails with its unique ingredients that go deep into your nail plate. Londontown claims that this product can provide smoothness, bring a healthy glow, and promote nail growth after use.

To get the best results, it is recommended to use this nail cream two to three times a week, preferably at night, and pair it with Londontown gloves for a luxurious spa treatment at home.