nail polish remover
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Manicures can make any day exciting, as getting nails done is one of the most fun parts of a beauty routine. However, one downside of getting a manicure is having to remove the nail polish when it starts fading or chipping.

Not all nail polish removers are completely safe to use, with some containing ingredients harmful to the body. Some removers also dry out cuticles and cause brittleness in your nails.

But don't worry, there are non-toxic nail polish removers available to help you avoid these issues. Check them out below.

Olive and June Polish Remover Pot

Olive and June nail polish remover
(Photo : Olive and June )

One nail polish remover that's gentle on the nails is the acetone-free Olive and June Polish Remover Pot. This vegan formula is designed to remove polish from your nails quickly and easily without leaving any mess behind.

Acetone, which is often used in nail polish removers, can make nails brittle and dry, so many brands avoid using this ingredient in their products.

One great feature of Olive and June's product is the sponge-top lid, which allows you to use it to remove polish from both fingernails and toenails.

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover
(Photo : Mineral Fusion )
Another non-toxic nail polish remover you might want to try is the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover, which has received high ratings from reviewers and has been featured on "Good Morning America."

This nail polish remover is well-liked because of its gentle formula that does not leave nails feeling dry, thanks to its acetone-free ingredients. Aside from this, it is formulated with natural solvents that dissolve nail polish quickly, making the removal process easy and efficient.

Manucurist Green Nail Polish Remover

Manicurist Green Nail Polish Remover
(Photo : Manicurist)

This Manucurist Green Nail Polish Remover is made with 99% plant-based ingredients, including almond oil to keep your nails hydrated. According to Manucurist, it is expected to gently remove nail polish without drying out the nails and skin around it as well as shorten the process time.

Aside from almond oil, this Manucurist polish remover also includes vitamins A, B, D, and E to promote nail health. Aside from vegan and plant-based ingredients, the packaging is also eco-friendly.