Body Spray vs. Cologne: Which One Is Better?
(Photo : Vecteezy / panovka893477)

Body spray and cologne each has its own merits. Before choosing which one is better for you, let's compare them.

Both are fragrant, but what might make you choose one over the other? Learning the difference between body spray and cologne, how each is used, their longevity, and other points could help you choose which is better for you.

Body Spray

To use body spray, put some on right after your shower while your skin is still a bit damp. Yes, it goes on your skin and not on your clothes. Because of its hydrating formulation that includes glycerin, it is often used on warm days and sprayed on target areas that are prone to sweat. Its spray mechanism is designed to give you a refreshing mist with wide coverage.

Body spray has a much lower concentration of fragrance oil compared to cologne. In other words, it is more diluted when compared to cologne. Due to this, it lasts for a shorter period, about 45 minutes to an hour. This also makes body spray the more affordable option.

The main purpose of body spray is to give you a feeling of freshness, and despite the common misconception, it is not a replacement for deodorant. However, partnering body spray with your deodorant is a good idea. Some products combine the fragrance of body spray and the antibacterial properties of deodorants. 

Body sprays are typically used for everyday activities such as office or school days.


Cologne or eau de cologne (EDC), on the other hand, is one of the classic mixes. It contains 4% to 8% fragrance oil, and although it lasts a shorter period than its more concentrated cousins, eau de parfum and eau de toilette, it can stay for two to three hours. Because of this, cologne is more expensive than body sprays. In addition, since cologne dries longer and has a smaller cover coverage, it is usually applied on the wrists, neck, and inner elbow.

Cologne is typically formulated with citrus scents, which give an impression of freshness. Fragrances such as cologne and perfumes do not have antibacterial properties and are not meant to be used as deodorants. Instead, colognes are made to enhance your natural scent as only a thin layer, having a low concentration of fragrance oil, is needed for application.

Cologne is a crowd favorite for scents to wear to dinners, meetings, and dates because the mild scent will not overpower the food.

So, which is better?

Wearing fragrances gives people around you an impression of a polished look and a well-kept self. It also boosts your confidence without question. But which of these two, body spray and cologne, is better? Since we have learned the advantages of each, choosing both could be advantageous. Wear body sprays on warm days when you are in the office, school, or the mall. When the cold night comes and it's time for your romantic date, spray on some cologne.