What Are Lip Gloss Nails? How to Get the Look
(Photo : Vecteezy / Olena Rudo)

Minimalist nails are easy to maintain and sweat-free to achieve. Lip gloss nails, a trend under the minimalist nail umbrella, has roots in other trends like clean girl, gel, and glossy donut nails.

Lip Gloss Nails

No, this manicure does not need actual lip gloss. This is a sheer type of manicure that highlights the natural nail. It usually uses a sheer pinkish or skin tone nail polish for the base and several layers of glossy top coat. Although the application of nail polish is easy, time should be invested in preparation because imperfections can be easily seen through the finished manicure. Here is how to get this look.

Nail Prep

Nail preparation is important for this type of manicure. Residual colors from your previous nail polish, rough surfaces, and nail bands will all distract from the otherwise clean and youthful aesthetic.

Remove any oils, dirt, or residual colors using nail pushers, nail polish remover, or non-toxic acetone. Buff rough surfaces and nail bands to even out your nail bed.

Cutting your nails short is only an option, but make sure your nails are even and have smooth edges if you decide not to cut them.

Sheer Base and Tint

The next step is to apply a sheer base coat like the OPI Natural Nail Clear Base Coat. If you have nail imperfections that cannot be fixed during preparation, use a sheer polish with a milky look to neutralize any dents or marks. Nail polishes such as Holo Taco Smoothing Base do the job well.

Let that layer dry, then apply a coat of sheer nail polish with a slight pinkish tint like Essie Nail Lacquer Mademoiselle. This gives a naturally healthy nail look.

Gloss Top Coat and Shimmers

The next step is to give it a high-gloss finish. This can be achieved in several ways. One is by using three thin coats of shiny, clear top coat. Another way is to put two thin coats of regular top coat and one slightly thicker glossy top coat. Experts suggest Urban Outfitters Glossy Top Coat Nail Polish. What this step does is give a fresh gel-like look to the nails.

Another option is to sandwich a coat of clear shimmery nail polish to get that shimmery lip gloss look. Try ILNP Moonstone Nail Polish.

Cuticle Love

The last step to complete the look is to make sure your cuticles are hydrated and not dry or flaky. Yes, messy cuticles will affect the look of your finished nails.

Spread a dot of cuticle oil on the skin around your nails. Try products with vitamin E for that extra nourishment such as Cutex Hydrating Cuticle Oil. You can also go the extra mile and put on hand cream to match your healthy-looking nails.