Hairstyles on Pinterest
(Photo : Pexels/ Chloe )

As the new year unfolds, women are eagerly exploring fresh hairstyles to complement their evolving personal styles.

Last year witnessed a surge in pixie cuts and innovative takes on the classic bob cut, with Pinterest serving as a go-to platform for discovering trends. This popular app not only keeps you informed about the latest trends but also provides a wealth of ideas to experiment with.

If you're ready to embrace new hairstyles in 2024, let's explore some of the most searched styles on Pinterest.

Butterfly Haircut

One of the most popular hairstyles right now is the butterfly haircut, which adds definition and volume to your locks.

This hairstyle combines long and short layers, giving your hair both length and a healthy appearance. It's named the butterfly cut because the layers look like butterfly wings, especially the shorter layers framing the front of the hair.

Hairstylists create this look by cutting shorter layers around the shoulders and longer layers at the bottom, achieving a harmonious balance. It is recommended for those with thicker hair who want layers but prefer not to lose their length.

Curtain Bangs

Bangs never go out of style, and in 2024, curtain bangs have taken center stage.

Curtain bangs are more shaggy and give your face some space to breathe as they open up on the sides like a curtain. This hairstyle is popular among those with round faces, as it is supposed to make the face appear slimmer. These bangs go well with any hair length, making it versatile.

If you want to get curtain bangs, it's recommended to go to a professional to ensure they are tailored to complement your face shape.

Kitty Cut

The kitty cut is currently one of the most searched hair trends on Pinterest, with hair enthusiasts and beauty sites calling it the most popular haircut of 2024.

The kitty cut offers a twist to the classic bob, as it incorporates a mix of long and short layers with a hint of fringe. This hairstyle is for those who prefer a rocker-girl aesthetic over the clean and slick look of a regular bob. It's meant to look a little messy.

Women who have short hair can get this cut at the salon by requesting a "lob" hairstyle with long or rounded layers.

Inverted Bob

Bobs continue to reign over the hair world, especially with more and more women ditching long hair for shorter cuts.

The inverted bob is a different take on the "lob" hairstyle, as the back sections of the hair are above the neck and the front sections are longer, closer to the shoulders.

This hairstyle is for those who want an edgy look that's easy to manage. With the inverted bob, you can quickly brush your hair and start your day.

The inverted bob, due to its style, is suited for individuals with a long neck, as your neck is on full display at the back. This Pinterest-loved style also looks great with most face shapes, as the longer front sections elongate and slim down the face.