Curology Launches Hair Growth Treatment
(Photo : Curology)

Hair growth, or the lack thereof, is one of the problems that come with age, hormones, genetics, and perhaps stress. Over-the-counter treatments have increased through the years, and this wide array of products could be confusing. A hair growth treatment from Curology aims to work better than over-the-counter products.

But what makes Curology's Hair Formula Rx different from others? Let's find out!

Hair Growth Treatment by Curology

A team of dermatologists under Curology developed Hair Formula Rx, a hair growth treatment newcomer that's said to be more effective than other products. The company considers the unique needs of each individual and prescribes a treatment tailored to those needs.

Follicly Fit in Three Months

The company aims to provide results in a minimum of three months. The company, however, says that as results may vary depending on the body, some individuals would have to wait 12 months before seeing any. Nonetheless, getting into Curology's program is projected to yield success, only at varying rates.

Unique Needs, Unique Solutions

One person's hair goals could be different from another. One may look to regrow new hair, another may look to prevent hair loss, yet another might want thicker and fuller hair. Because of this scenario, Curology took to telehealth so that patrons could conveniently give the information needed. From this, the company's dermatologists give a diagnosis and determine the personalized formula for the hair treatment. All these services are available via monthly subscription.

Hair Formula Rx

Active ingredients for hair loss prevention, such as finasteride and spironolactone, are studied individually in every case. 

This goes for minoxidil, as well. Minoxidil, a key component of the treatment, is known to improve hair growth. Curology's Hair Formula Rx has higher minoxidil strength, boosting hair growth better than other brands. 

The balance between these ingredients is determined by Curology and prescribed as a three-in-one topical formula.

Hair and Scalp

The company posits that healthy hair starts from the scalp. Its personalized three-in-one formula is a topical solution so that its application on targeted areas is more precise.

Safety Warnings

Curology, however, warns against the use of its hair growth treatment for those trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding. The active ingredients mentioned above are not suitable for such individuals.

During the telehealth interview via questionnaire, medical conditions should be truthfully identified. This includes allergies, age, and condition of the scalp.