woman with dark circlesCredit : Pixabay/Juandpaola

Color correction has mystified people for ages because it's basically magic. How do you correct dark eye circles so everyone stops asking you how tired you are? How do you get rid of redness so everyone stops commenting on how bright your cheeks are? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We're here to tell you that there is not only one solution -- there are many. Here's some tips and tricks to help you color correct under-eye circles and redness.

Peach/Orange Color Corrector

The easiest solution to getting rid of your dark under-eye circles is to use a color corrector to conceal them. Since most under-eye circles are bluish, you need to look to the opposite side of the color wheel to correct them, and that is orange.

If your skin is fairer, you're going to want to go for a peach shade, and if your skin is deeper, you're going to need a more orange shade. Apply the color corrector on the under eyes, blend it out, and add a layer of concealer if needed.

Green Color Corrector

To counter redness, you are going to want to follow the same rule of thumb and opt for green products to offset the red. Red is the opposite of green on the color wheel, which is why it works. To use, apply where needed and blend it out. Top with concealer if needed.

A Chemical Peel

If you're having some more serious issues, a chemical peel can help reduce the pigmentation under your eyes. A lot of chemical peels involve different types of acid, such as glycolic acid, retinoic acid, or hydroquinone, to help.


Yes, cucumbers actually work. Cucumbers have vitamin C, which helps reduce puffiness around the eyes. They also have vitamin K, which can help improve circulation and help free the blood vessels under your eyes, making the under-eye look and feel a bit better.


Toners can help to even out the color in your face, acting as a different kind of color corrector. Ingredients vary in different toners, but to find one that helps reduce dark circles, you should look for one with TXA (tranexamic acid), which helps brighten your skin and helps fade dark spots. Additionally, we recommend looking for something with calming ingredients for redness.