Ethereal Nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Дарина Ритомская )

Nail designs have the power to elevate style and boost confidence, making a well-maintained manicure an essential element for many women.

One particular nail design gaining popularity is the ethereal style, which has light, delicate, and romantic energy. Similar to coquette nails, ethereal nails are ideal for those looking to complement their feminine style.

While you can achieve this design at a nail salon, there are also ways to create it at home. Here are some tips:

Pick a design 

Cloud design
(Photo : Pexes/ Brian Phetmeuangmay )

Before diving into this trend, do some research first as there are numerous fun designs to explore for ethereal nails.

Many designs can be done at home, such as cloud designs that give you an out-of-this-world look.

Cloud designs, in general, are exciting because there are various ways to do them. You can either create small clouds on the nails or opt for a French tip shaped like a cloud.

Another popular design is aura nail art, which involves creating the illusion of a gradual shift from a dark color to a lighter shade. This technique automatically infuses an ethereal quality into your nails, delivering a unique and mesmerizing look.

Create the look with gems

gemstone on nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Aug17th. studio)

Gemstones can instantly enhance your ethereal manicure and make your nails stand out. Make sure to select the right gems, as not all complement the ethereal aesthetic. Gemstones and crystals featuring butterflies, stars, crosses, or pearls are perfect for this look.

Use an ethereal-looking lacquer

Sparkle nails
(Photo : Pixabay/ Smiln32)

One of the simplest ways to achieve ethereal nails is by using an ethereal-looking lacquer, specifically frosty nail polish. We recommend this option for those who want to try the ethereal look without going over-the-top.

By applying frosty nail polish in silver, light blue, purple, or pink shades, you can effortlessly achieve this design. The frosty finish on these nail polishes also brings a shiny appearance, catering to those who appreciate sparkly, glossy nails.

Incorporating star designs

Adding small star designs along the edges is a popular and personalized approach to ethereal nails. Given the hyper-feminine nature of the ethereal look, many enjoy incorporating small stars for a whimsical touch. Apart from drawing stars, you can also achieve an outer space-inspired look by applying glitter nail polish.