Celebrate Love With These Valentine’s-Inspired Manicure Ideas
(Photo : Vecteezy / Olena Rudo)

Valentine's Day is that day of the year when we celebrate love. But whether or not Cupid comes by to shoot his arrows, nothing will stop us from getting these Valentine's-inspired manicure ideas on our nails.

Cupid's Day gives us another opportunity to express ourselves through our nails. Of course, to prepare for the day, we went through countless Valentine's-inspired manicure ideas, and here are the top choices:

1. Shimmering hearts magnetic polish

This manicure idea can be achieved by using a specially formulated magnetic polish and a heart-shaped magnet. This type of nail polish, also known as "cat-eye," has particles that move to follow the nearest magnet.

To apply, all you have to do is brush the polish onto your nail and hold the magnet nearby until the shiniest particles move in place. Let it rest for a minute, then apply a clear top coat. Or if you're using UV gel polishes, dry each layer via a UV lamp. Be careful and keep the magnet from touching your nail. Try Pure Nails Halo Queen of Hearts and Heart Magnet to achieve this look.

2. Be the queen of hearts

This one calls for heart stickers and a very steady hand. Apply a sheer white coat after the base. Let it dry and arrange the stickers in a way that it looks like a deck of cards. Use Sally Hansen's Red Nail Art Pen to finish the numbers and letters. Let it dry and finish with a clear gloss coat.

3. Five shades of pink

This one is on the easy side. Choose five shades of pink and arrange it from darkest to lightest. The darkest goes on your thumb, and the lightest goes on your pinky.

For a base coat, you can either use a clear base or a white base. After drying, position a sheet of What's Up Nails Hearts Vinyl Stencil on your nail. Brush your designated shade of pink on the stencil and peel the stencil off, leaving flawless hearts on your nails. Let it dry and finish with a glittery top coat.

4. French tips and a negative space

For this one, do white French tips, except for your ring finger. Use the Young Nails Micro Detailer brush and the same white nail polish to make a heart outline on your ring finger nail. Color outside the heart shape to create a negative space. As always, finish with a clear top coat.

5. Mini Rhinestones

Mini rhinestones can be used on nails the whole year round. So, how do we do a Heart's Day theme on it? Arrange the tiny things into a heart, of course! On your middle fingernail, do half of a heart in rhinestones. Create the other half on your index fingernail. Since the rhinestones are so tiny, you can fix them with a clear top coat. If you prefer UV polishes, use Makartt Rhinestone Glue to fix the tiny gems on your nails.