braided updo
(Photo : Pexels/ Konstantin Mishchenko)

Ponytails and simple bun hairstyles look neat and get the job done, but if you want to look cute while keeping your hair out of the way, braided updos are the way to go.

These hairstyles can also serve as a convenient go-to solution for bad hair days or times when our hair is too greasy to manage.

Whether it's a casual day at school, a busy workday, or a special date night, having a quick and stylish option for our hair can be a game-changer.

Here are some easy and trendy braided updo hairstyles for you to try:

Braided Bun

braided updo
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The braided bun is a versatile updo suitable for various occasions, be it daily wear or a special event.

The easiest way to achieve this style starts with taking sections of hair from the front and braiding the back. Twist and braid the front pieces, then tuck them into the back to create a crown design. Once this is done, take the braided sections and tie them into a bun, creating an elegant knotted appearance. 

Braids in a Bun

woman in braided bun
(Photo : Pixabay/ OrnaW)
Perfect for those who already have their hair braided into small braids, this updo provides a quick and easy way to keep hair off the face.

To create this simple yet stylish look, all you need to do is gather all your braids and tie them into a messy bun at the back of your head. 

Side Braid

Side braid
(Photo : Pixabay/ StockSnap)

The side braid is a standout option for those looking for a unique and attention-grabbing hairstyle.

This look requires brushing all your hair to one side and then braiding it into one piece that connects from the top all the way down to the ends of your hair.

This hairstyle may take a bit of practice to master, but the result is worth the effort. Once you've got the hang of it, it may become your favorite hairdo for school or work.

Crown Braid

Braided crown
(Photo : pixabay/ StockSnap)
A classic loved by hair enthusiasts, the crown braid gets a modern twist in this updo.

This hairstyle features braids that form a crown around the head, but with a twist -- there are two sets of braids going toward the back of the hair.

We recommend this for anyone looking for a fun, unique hairdo and try something different for winter. It's also the perfect look for school since it has that messy yet elegant appearance.