Ralph Lauren Launches New Romance Perfume Ahead of Valentine's Day
(Photo : Ralph Lauren)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to mark this yearly celebration of love than with the new Romance perfume from Ralph Lauren?

In 1998, Ralph Lauren launched the floral perfume Romance. Fast forward to 2023 when the company launched Romance Intense Eau de Parfum, an addition to the rose-scented family, but with a twist of feminine fierceness. This year, the company released a limited edition three-piece set of this irresistible perfume.

Floral, Fresh, and Feminine Fierceness

The signature rose fragrance remains in this new release but with an added layer of woody scent. Every spray gives a burst of citrus freshness that drives the gloom away.

Add in notes of bergamot, green mandarin, and blackcurrant, and you have the scent of feminine fierceness, a fragrance that is delicate and powerful at the same time.

Passion in a Bottle

Generally, Eau de Parfum Intense, with 14% to 25% fragrance oils, lasts for five to eight hours when applied on the wrist and neck. This perfume starts with a bold and powerful floral and woody fragrance and dries into an energetic citrus scent until it rests into a mix of mild floral notes.

This layering of scents, coupled with a clear cranberry-colored bottle, is the epitome of an adventurous and passionate woman.

Limited Edition for Valentine's Day

This long-lasting luxury perfume comes in a limited edition three-piece set -- a superb choice for a Valentine's Day gift.

If you are looking for a gift for her, this set comes in a cranberry-colored box with a matching bow. The three bottles included are two clear cranberry-colored bottles in 100 milliliters and 30 milliliters and a pocket-sized clear pen bottle at 10 milliliters with cranberry-red labels. 

The biggest bottle could live in her vanity, the smaller bottle on her office table, and the pen bottle in her purse.

The downside of this limited edition set, however, is that, unlike the separately retailed bottles, engraving is not readily offered. If you wish to have it engraved, a suggestion is to purchase directly from the website and confirm with customer service before completing your purchase. On the flip side, the official website offers same-day delivery to some U.S. areas.