Creating Aura Nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Karolina Grabowska)

Delving into new beauty trends from the comfort of our homes is exciting, especially when it comes to experimenting with manicures. Getting your nails done can be pricey -- especially if you're looking to do a fun, intricate design -- so why not do it yourself?

One design you should definitely get into is aura nails -- a vibrant, colorful, and gradient-filled nail art trend. These nails are characterized by the seamless blend of a dark color into a lighter shade, creating an ethereal aura-like effect on the nails.

While it involves the use of several colors, achieving aura nails is not difficult. There are multiple ways to try it with things found in your own home.

Start with a base color

The first step is selecting the shade that will form the basis of your aura. For instance, if you opt for an orange aura, consider a pink or yellow base color. Conversely, for deeper hues like purple or black, pair them with a lighter center shade.

The way your aura looks will depend on the base color you choose, as it plays a pivotal role in creating the desired ethereal appearance.

Once the base color is applied, let it dry, ideally finishing with a matte coat for a smooth appearance.

Use a makeup sponge

Armed with your chosen base coat, proceed to the next step by using a makeup sponge to apply the center color. This can be done either in a defined line or a subtle smudge at the center of the nail.

Opt for an eyeshadow instead of nail polish for this step, as it blends more seamlessly, contributing to the faded and captivating appearance characteristic of the aura nail technique.

Aside from a makeup sponge, you can also utilize an eyeshadow brush to blend the center color atop your base.

Apply a shiny top coat

Once your aura design is created, complete the look by applying a shiny top coat instead of a matte one.

After this final step, you have the choice to leave your nails as they are or take inspiration from beauty influencers and add a star design. Beauty gurus use a thin-tipped nail polish brush to draw a twinkling star in the corner of the nails for extra liveliness.