What is Hair Perfume Benefits and How to Use
(Photo : Vecteezy / Kamil Macniak)

There are times when your hair loses the fragrance it had in the morning when you stepped out of the shower. That floral scent from your favorite shampoo is gone in just two hours. Not to worry -- hair perfume is here to keep your tresses smelling great all day.

Fragrant hair can be achieved by using hair perfume. Be careful; this is not the same as your body fragrances. Perfume made especially for the hair has a different formulation. For instance, body perfume has alcohol that can dry up your hair, while perfume for your crowning glory is made to moisturize hair.


Hair perfume is formulated with ingredients that elevate your hair care routine while keeping your mane fragrant throughout the day. 

There are many brands with their own formulations for hair perfume, each with a purpose that will improve your hair instead of just making it smell fragrant. Hair perfumes from brands like Sachajuan and Gisou are made with oils that can coat the hair and protect it while keeping it shiny. Oribe tames static and flyaways, Balmain protects and strengthens, and Fable & Mane hydrates. 

This line of hair care products has fragrances that can last for five to six hours because hair is a better carrier for fragrance than skin.

Can I use it as a body mist?

Since several luxury fragrance brands released a hair perfume version of their famous scents, some are using these easy-to-carry fragrances as their daily scents. Guerlain released a hair mist version of their Les Absolus d'Orient Santal Royal. Byredo and Christian Dior did the same for their Gypsy Water and Gris Dior, respectively. 

However, it is important to note that some hair perfumes might have unwanted effects on clothing.

Is it the same as dry shampoo?

No. While dry shampoo is also made with fragrances, it removes oil from the hair. On the other hand, hair perfume is made with different oils that promote hair care.

How to Use

Hair perfume might be a new territory for you, but the ease of application, coupled with the benefits, can change your hesitation. 

The first thing to do is to wait for your hair to completely dry before spraying toward your hair at arm's length. Gently run your fingers through your hair, from root to tip, to evenly distribute the product. Style your hair as usual.

An expert recommendation is to flip and apply it while having your head upside down and your hair cascading from the scalp for that instant lift and volume.