MAC Jelly Slime Highlighter
(Photo : MAC Cosmetics)

MAC Cosmetics recently dropped its latest limited-edition creation, the Jelly Slime All-Over Highlighter.

Part of the MAC Underground series, the jelly hybrid highlighter comes in two shades, the silver chrome Sssilver Ssslime and the metallic gold $lime is Money, promising an unparalleled luminosity for cheeks, brow bones, and eyes.

Jelly-textured products are steadily rising in popularity within the beauty industry due to their natural finish and effortless application. Many makeup lovers prefer these over traditional powder highlighters, drawn to the shinier finish they offer.

According to MAC, its new jelly highlighter boasts pearlescent pigment technology and offers a silky-smooth application.

The formula is buildable, giving users a range of options when it comes to application, from subtle sheen to intense chromatic color.

Despite being highly pigmented, the product is lightweight, sidestepping any uncomfortable heaviness on the skin and ensuring a more natural feel.

Just like any highlighter, the Jelly Slime All-Over Highlighter can be applied wherever a touch of shine is desired.

Creative options abound, including sliding the highlighter across the lid for a metallic eye look or layering them over a nude-colored shadow.

Another chic option for the MAC Jelly Slime highlighter is to apply it to the inner corner of the eyes or the brow bone, creating luminosity in areas that catch natural light.

For those who appreciate makeup that offers a vibrant pop, a visit to MAC to acquire these highlighters is highly recommended.

Beauty enthusiasts can grab the limited-edition Jelly Slime All-Over Highlighter on the MAC Cosmetics website for $28 each. Act swiftly to secure your own before it vanishes from the shelves.