How Rosemary Oil Can Help Your Hair
(Photo : Vecteezy / Seksak Kerdkanno)

Improving hair quality is a goal for many, which is why people go the extra mile. Experts recommend using rosemary oil on the hair for a number of reasons.

Individuals go to hair appointments, comb their tresses every day, and look for other ways to achieve their hair goals. Although salons are always ready to give people's hair some TLC, most still prefer having a haircare routine they can do at home.

It's a good thing that information is easily accessible nowadays, with videos available online demonstrating various haircare procedures. One popular topic on social media and beauty blogs is using rosemary oil to improve hair quality. 

Rosemary oil is extracted from the healing and culinary herb rosemary. Professionals use it for dermatological uses, but its recent popularity is credited to home remedies to boost hair growth. Did you know that this essential oil can do more for your hair?

These are some of the ways rosemary oil can benefit the hair:

Boost hair growth

Rosemary oil stimulates the nerves and blood circulation, which leads to improved hair growth. Proper blood supply pushes the nutrients to reach the follicles. If there is no or insufficient nutrients in the follicle, it dies off.

Soothe scalp

This essential oil, like the plant from which it is extracted, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It helps soothe distressed and itchy scalps while hydrating the area where it is applied.

Strengthen hair

A long-term effect of this herbaceous oil is strengthening hair and lessening hair fall. However, this benefit can only be realized if the oil is used properly and consistently. The antioxidant in the oil fights off the free radicals that can destroy your hair follicles.

Inhibit dandruff

Problematic bacteria clogging hair follicles is the cause of dandruff. Using rosemary essential oil eliminates this bacteria, thereby stopping flaky dandruff in its tracks.

Lessen gray hair

Remember we said this essential oil can fight off free radicals? While doing so, it hinders the oxidation of cells. Let's say it is a sort of anti-aging for hair, resulting in less gray hair.

Another way it can lessen gray hair is through aromatherapy. Rosemary essential oil smells good, and this relaxing smell reduces stress levels. Without stress, there is less risk for your hair to turn gray prematurely.

Too much of a good thing

Using rosemary oil on hair has merits that are too irresistible. However, knowing what it can do is only half of the story. 

Experts say that although applying rosemary oil topically is beneficial, applying too much could have negative effects because it is potent enough to cause irritation. A good rule would be to use a maximum of five drops only. Experts recommend mixing the essential oil either with hair products or with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil instead of using the oil directly. Washing it off is a must.