Korean Beauty Tips and Tricks to Level Up Your Makeup Game
(Photo : Vecteezy / Praewpailyn Srijaroen)

Makeup is synonymous to a universal language that changes from time to time to express and emphasize your personal interpretation of beauty. Let's take a look at Korean beauty. Tips and tricks learned from this side of the beauty world can be used to spruce up your makeup game.

Korean beauty is all about flawless glass skin with a youthful and dewy glow. It has been years since Korean makeup came onto the scene. Yet, we continue to love the style because of its timelessness.

Here are some K-beauty tips and tricks you can use in your makeup routine:

Tip: Monotone makeup for fresh face glam

Korea's fresh face glam is a look that gives a fresh and clean vibe while splashing in hints of color so that your face won't look pale. This look can be achieved by using monotone makeup.

After applying foundation, dab on compact powder for that matte look, but don't forget about the concealer if you have blemishes you wish to hide. For the eyeshadow, use a light pinkish or peach hue. Soften your lines with a brush or blender. Finally, use brown eyeliner. Keep this line plain; no need for cat eyes and wings.

Trick: Illuminating primer for glass skin

Achieving and maintaining glass skin will take a while. So, while you pave your way to that natural, flawless skin, use illuminating primer in the meantime.

Experts recommend silicone-based illuminating primers for that perfect glow. This type of primer also holds makeup well, minimizing the need to retouch.

Tip: Cushion formula for a dewy look

The consistency of the cushion formula, like mousse and bouncy, creates a hydrated dewy look. Experts advise adjusting the amount on your puff by tapping it on the lid to sample before gently pressing and sweeping it around your face. 

Trick: Cotton swabs for gradient lips

Successfully making gradient lips could be tricky. While some say a lip gloss wand works, we found an easier way to do it.

Once you've applied your favorite lipstick in the middle of your lips, create an ombre effect by smudging the edges of the lipstick outward until it fades into your natural lip color. Finish with colorless gloss.

Tip: Juicy makeup for a youthful look

Women get that youthful look by using the juicy makeup technique, which involves applying watery bright makeup on the cheekbones. This look gives you a fresh and flushed vibe.

After moistening your cheeks, pat cream blush on the cheekbones until the color blends into the base. You can add tint, but make sure to use the same shade as your lips to make it look natural.

Leveling up your makeup game

Korean makeup is usually lightweight and less pigmented. This is because Koreans are keen on skincare. They prioritize improving their natural skin. That said, the best Korean beauty rule you can use to level up your makeup game is to stick with a skincare that improves the quality of your natural skin.