Foot Care for Men: Stepping Into Healthy Habits
(Photo : Vecteezy / Oksana Kukuruza)
Maintaining healthy habits means including foot care for men in your daily routine. Here are some pointers from a podiatrist:

Creating and establishing healthy habits such as foot care is a challenging feat, especially if you are stepping into a routine you have never tried before.

Maintaining healthy feet entails good grooming habits, following through routines, and keeping those steppers presentable. This is not just for women; it's for men too.

However, foot care for men varies from that of women because of their different lifestyles and needs. For example, most men usually wear flat shoes, while most women wear heels. Aftercare differs from the varying strains and stresses that feet encounter every day.

Expert podiatrists suggest starting with these easy-to-accomplish habits:

1. No side B for socks

It is imperative to change socks daily because feet sweat a lot. If you sweat too much, it is better to change your socks twice. Experts also recommend using antiperspirant aluminum chloride hexahydrate to avoid excessive sweat, bad odor, or infections. Socks must be made of cotton or other breathable fabrics.

2. Soap and water are your friends

Issues such as athlete's foot can be avoided simply by washing your feet every day with soap and water. Athlete's foot is a condition that causes itchiness and sometimes rashes. This foot problem can be solved by antifungal medication or topical creams. As an additional precaution, experts suggest spraying shoes with disinfectant after every use.

3. Dry in between toes

Drying your feet, especially between toes, will significantly lower the risks of foot bacteria and infections. Podiatrists warn against using lotion in between the toes as it might cause the skin to break down and, in some cases, ulceration.

4. Cut nails straight and dry

Experts recommend regularly cutting nails. However, remember to cut straight instead of digging into the sides. In addition, cutting your nails while dry will minimize, if not avoid, any tears and bends.

5. Treating calluses, nail fungus, and blisters

For every problem, there is a corresponding solution. Calluses can be solved simply with a pumice stone. Nail fungus can be eliminated through debridement or using over-the-counter nail antifungal medication, Vicks VapoRub, or Listerine. Blisters, on the other hand, should be left alone.

Neglecting foot care

Injuries, ailments, and fungus are just some of the problems encountered by men who neglect the feet that carry them all day and every day. 

The five healthy habits briefly explained above are easy to accomplish and could encourage sticking to a daily routine, which could only benefit your feet!