hair salon treatment
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When it comes to achieving luscious, vibrant locks, many are familiar with common hair treatments like salon keratin and protein treatments. However, people have different hair types that may require specific treatments for particular needs.

Thankfully, the world of salon hair treatments is vast, and there are hidden gems that can truly transform your hair. Let's explore five salon hair treatments that might not be on your radar but are gaining popularity for their exceptional results.

From gloss treatments for radiant shine to clarifying treatments for freshness and resilience, these lesser-known options offer a new dimension to your hair care routine. Explore the diversity of salon treatments available, and consult with your hairstylist to find the perfect solution for your unique hair needs.

1. Hair Glossing Treatment

Hair glossing treatments are a game-changer for those seeking shiny, glossy locks. Unlike traditional hair coloring, glossing treatments do not alter the hair's color but enhance its natural shade. 

This treatment involves applying a semi-permanent gloss or glaze that seals the hair cuticle, providing a smooth surface that reflects light. The result is a radiant finish, softened hair, and a shine that lasts for several weeks.

2. Inphenom Treatment

Inphenom treatment is a revolutionary hair treatment that focuses on restoring and strengthening damaged hair. This Japanese-inspired treatment uses a multi-step process to infuse essential nutrients and proteins deep into the hair shaft. 

This treatment typically comprises a shampoo, serum, and mask. Pro Beauty said this effectively repairs both the cortex and outer cuticle of the hair, leading to the restoration of shine and moisture. The result is visibly improved elasticity, reduced breakage, and a silky, manageable texture.

3. K18 Treatment

The K18 treatment is a molecular repair hair treatment that aims to repair damaged hair at a deeper level. This innovative treatment, according to K18 Biomimetic Hairscience, uses biotech-developed peptides to reconnect broken keratin chains in the hair, restoring its strength and resilience. 

The K18 treatment is particularly effective for those with chemically treated or heat-damaged hair. Clients often notice a significant improvement in the overall health and texture of their hair after just one session.

4. Toning Treatment

Toning treatments are essential for maintaining vibrant hair color and preventing brassiness. While toning is commonly associated with blonde hair, it can be beneficial for various hair colors. This treatment involves applying a specialized toner to neutralize unwanted undertones and enhance the desired hair color. Toning treatments are often used after coloring or highlighting to achieve a more polished and even result. 

As per John Frieda, color-treated hair tends to fade, and bleach blonde hair may acquire brassy tones due to oxidation. To maintain a fresh and beautiful hair color, consider refreshing with a toner every six to eight weeks.

5. Clarifying Treatment

Designed to remove product buildup, mineral deposits, and impurities, clarifying treatments bring a new level of cleanliness to the hair and scalp. 

As suggested by Urban Fringe Salon, if you're grappling with hard water or product buildup, this treatment is tailored for you. Your stylist will expertly clarify your hair using your preferred clarifying shampoo, and afterward, they will apply a quick deep conditioner to restore moisture to your hair.

Incorporating clarifying treatments into your routine ensures that your hair remains fresh, vibrant, and ready to absorb the benefits of other treatments.