Valentine's Day makeup
(Photo : Vecteezy/Rudsaphon Rotchawin)

In a few days, it will be Valentine's Day, and many are busy preparing for this yearly international date night. They are making sure everything is in line: dresses, shoes, bags, and, of course, date night makeup.

Valentine's Day is a holiday founded around celebrating relationships and falling in love. Traditionally, couples go on a romantic date on this day. Keeping with the theme of the night, present yourself to your partner in the best way that you possibly can. In other words, bring your A-game.

Although there is a lot to prepare, your date night makeup is on top of the list because your partner will be looking at you for the whole evening. Choosing the right makeup says a lot about how you feel and how you want the relationship to progress. After all, being presentable on dates is a sign of respect for your partner.

See five date-night makeup looks below that you can consider wearing for Valentine's Day this year.

1. Ombre Brows

2024 is the year of ombre brows, so enhance your natural brows with an ombre effect. The outline will have a lighter shade compared to the body of the brows. If you choose to achieve this effect at home, make sure to have your eyebrows shaped at least three days before date night. This will avoid any redness or swelling on Valentine's Day.

2. Pink Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are a classic choice. The pink color is an adorable twist that beckons your partner to get closer every time you bat your eyes. Don't forget that dark-colored liner that ends in a wing and the waterproof black mascara that will last the whole night.

3. Two Shades of Pink

Layering two shades of pink on your cheekbones -- either hot pink on baby pink or dark on light -- gives the face the contour and highlight of a perfect doll. You can play with other colors too, but we can agree that pink is a Valentine's Day favorite.

4. Classic Red vs. Pink

The popular lipstick choice for date night is classic red because every skin tone has its corresponding shade of red lipstick. But pink lipstick is getting a lot of attention lately. Experts suggest pink lips for those with medium to olive skin tones.

5. Sun-Kissed Skin

If you want that flawless, sun-kissed skin without harmful exposure, beauty experts recommend Revlon's SkinLights. With this product, you get a primer, highlighter, and a glow booster. This is best applied on the high point of your face.

Valentine's Day Perfection

Practice makes perfect, as they say. If you are trying these looks for the first time, it is best to practice a few days before the event. This will give you enough time to adjust and modify the look to your liking.