Black woman makeup
(Photo : Vecteezy/Giuseppe Ramos)

"Sleepy eyes" makeup videos have been getting attention on social media platforms because of how the style gives people that sexy look, albeit looking tired and messy.

Beauty experts say that the sleepy eyes makeup trend is the embodiment of the new era of sexy grunge look. At first glance, the onlooker might think you just rolled out of bed. A few seconds more, and they'll be captivated by your smoldering eye makeup.

This look, makeup experts say, shows confidence in being "imperfect on purpose." In other words, it's like saying you are effortlessly sexy!

It focuses on the natural shape of the eye and emphasizes the contours that make shadows. If done correctly, it will give an impression that you were born with sultry, sexy bedroom eyes.

How to do sleepy eyes makeup

With views on TikTok reaching nearly half a billion, more tutorial videos on this eye makeup trend are posted every day. There are various renditions to this trend because every pair of eyes is unique. But beauty experts have a general outline of the steps to take if you want to achieve that tired but sexy look.

Step 1. Use primer

Top makeup artists, such as Sara Wren, say a good hydrating primer around the eyes will make sure your makeup comes out smooth. Hydro Grip Eye Primer by Milk Makeup is a favorite as it lasts for 8 hours, locking down color and hydrating the skin around your eyes.

Step 2. Lash lines and a straight wing

To achieve this trend, make sure to use an eyeliner that glides and smudges without problem because you will have to blend it to the shadow. Line your upper and lower lash lines and terminate with a straight wing. Unlike a lifted wing, a straight wing will make your eyes look heavy; think the opposite of a cat eye.

Step 3. Smoky blend

Use a smudger, like Palladio's smudge brush, to soften the lines or fade to a smoky blend. A soft brush dusted with pigment could also work. Some eyeliners, like L'Oreal Infallible Grip Mechanical Gel Eyeliner, have a built-in smudger.

Step 4. Volumize the lashes

The last step is putting on mascara. This will volumize and lengthen your eyelashes so that the shadows don't hide them.

When the "tired but sexy" look is inborn

Sleepy eyes makeup is a popular trend because of the ease of achieving them -- more so if you are born with them. There's no need to hide droopy eyes and dark circles. It's time to embrace that "tired but sexy" look!