(Photo : Pexels/ Laura Garcia )

Contouring can transform the appearance of your face. This technique has been around for years and can often be seen in makeup tutorials on social media platforms.

Nose contouring is a popular form of contouring used to either make the nose look thinner or refine its shape.

Here are some tips for effectively contouring different nose shapes:

Contouring for wider noses

For those with wider noses, contouring can impart the illusion of a slimmer appearance.

Begin by using your contour stick or powder to draw a line along each side of the nose. The two lines should be close together but have a space between them. In addition, the lines should not be straight but rather gently curved inward.

Once these lines are in place, use concealer to draw a line going down the nose bridge and add bronzer or contour product to the tip. Adding the contour cream or powder to the end of the nose will give it a raised appearance, creating a shorter and smaller look.

Blend all the product on the nose well, making sure no harsh lines remain.

Contouring for long noses

Individuals with longer noses can use contouring to visually reduce their length and achieve a more balanced look.

When adding your contour line, draw it only halfway down the nose, avoiding the full length. Following this, darken the tips of the nose with contour to give it a shorter appearance.

Once everything is blended in with concealer on the tips, the nose appears shorter and more proportionate.

Contouring for short noses

Believe it or not, contouring can also provide a lengthened effect to those with short noses.

Draw a long contour line along each side of the nose bridge, extending it upward into the beginning of the brow line. Then, apply concealer starting at the bottom of the forehead and extending down to the tip of the nose.

This technique creates a more elongated nose appearance.

Where to purchase contour

Depending on your personal preference, you can contour with a bronzer, contour stick, or contour powder.

Contour sticks are recommended for beginners as they are easy to use; you just take the stick and draw your contour lines.

Brands like Fenty Beauty sell easy-to-use contour sticks in multiple shades and undertones with a creamy formula, making them great for blending.

Aside from contour sticks, you can also use a bronzer, especially one with a matte finish, to create contour lines on the nose. Use a blending or thin angled brush to draw in the lines with the bronzer before blending it using the brush or a beauty blender.