Valentines Day Nails
(Photo : Pexels/ Designecologist )
January is coming to an end, which means Valentine's Day is approaching.

A good number of women love to go all out for Valentine's Day, whether it's nails, hair, or makeup. Our nails, especially, are the most enjoyable part of getting ready, as there are plenty of ways to get creative but remain on theme.

It's never too early to research and prepare, so if you are looking for inspiration, here are some nail design ideas perfect for the day of love. 

Hot Pink Nails

Hot Pink Nails
(Photo : Pixabay/ po2stroniekadru)
Hot pink nails, no matter what your personal style is, will give you that pop of color your hands need.

Whether your nails are long or short, this lovely shade of pink goes well with all nail shapes and skin tones.

Hot pink nails particularly shine on longer nails, especially those in square or coffin shapes, but short nails look amazing with this color, too.

We recommend this for anyone who wants something simple while staying within the pink or red color scheme of Valentine's Day. 

Shimmery French Tip

Shimmer Nails
(Photo : Pixabay/ neelam279)
Nails with a touch of sparkle are never a bad idea, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to add some shine.

Those with long square or almond-shaped nails can easily do a shimmery French tip at home or request this style at their favorite nail salon.

The steps for creating this look are simple. All you need are clear nail polish and a pink one infused with glitter. Apply the latter only to the tip of the nail before painting the entire nail with the clear polish.

Once you are done, you will have created a unique version of French tips that will look amazing with rose gold rings. 

A Mix of Hearts

Heart Nails
(Photo : Pixabay/ Jill Wellington )

In February, hearts take over everything. The month witnesses an increase in heart designs in public spaces, product packaging, and even women's nails.

The most enjoyable part of creating a heart design on nails is that there are a thousand ways to do it, allowing you to put your own spin on it.

A recommended approach is opting for a mix of hearts, as shown in the image above, where each nail has a uniquely shaped heart. This makes for a fun twist on the design. You can also experiment with different nail polish colors. You can use creams and reds or try a combination of red and pink shades. 

Red Floral Nails

Red Nails
(Photo : Pixabay/ Mounthive)

Red is the color usually associated with Valentine's Day, and it's usually either worn by itself or accompanied by a fun design.

For a departure from the traditional heart motif, opt for a red floral design like the one depicted in the image above. This nail idea is great for those with short nails, as it not only gives you a pop of color but also brings attention to your short nails.

The first step to achieving this look is to take a cherry red nail polish and paint each nail with it. You can skip one or two nails for a contrasting white hue.

Following this, take a thin-tipped nail polish brush and create the floral design by drawing dots in the shape of a flower, which might require some practice. Once this is dried, finish with a glossy or shimmer-infused top coat.