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(Photo : Vecteezy/Md. Aftab)

In a society overwhelmed with noise and constant stimuli, people are gravitating toward simplicity, mindfulness, and authenticity. It's a cultural shift, a desire to stand out without the need for loud statements. Celebrities and influencers are championing the cause and showcasing that less can indeed be more. The result? A global wave of a generation embracing the quiet luxury mantra.

There's something utterly enchanting about quiet luxury. It's more than a trend; it's a lifestyle. Quiet luxury is the gentle reminder that less can indeed be more. This aesthetic is often characterized by opting for luxurious brands without prominently showcasing their logos, preferring high-quality garments or products and embracing subtlety over the ostentation of monogram-heavy high-end brands. 

Quiet Luxury Makeup Routine 

Just like many other trends, the quiet luxury aesthetic has not only taken over fashion but has also made its way to the beauty community. Imagine a makeup routine that whispers sophistication and enhances your beauty without shouting for attention. This trend isn't about hiding; it's about highlighting your natural beauty in the most refined way possible. It's about quality over quantity and timeless elegance over flashy colors.

Here's a simple and helpful guide on how to make it a part of your daily routine.

Preparation: Self-Love Ritual

Start with self-love. Hydrate your canvas with a high-quality moisturizer; let it sink in. Follow up with a primer to create a smooth base for your masterpiece.

Foundation: The Seamless Base

Choose a foundation that's not just a match but a soulmate for your skin. Opt for something lightweight with buildable coverage. Take your time blending it, ensuring a radiant, not overdone, glow. Slightly define your features using a contour, but do not go overboard. Just put some dubtle dots and line on your temples, chin, jawline, nose bridge, and where you would usually apply to define and lift your face before blending seamlessly. 

Eyes: Subtle Glimmering Windows

Earthy tones like taupe, beige, and soft browns are your allies when creating the quet luxury look. Create depth with subtle eyeliner close to the lash line. Gently curl your lashes and apply mascara to impart a subtle twinkle to your eyes. The crucial element here is to opt for a premium-quality mascara that doesn't clump or weigh down your lashes. 

Brows: Naturally Defined Archways

A pencil or powder can help you define your brows, following their natural arch. A simple tip is to not choose bold eyebrow colors, just embrace your natural brow color and laminte them using a colorless eyebrow soap so they look clean and groomed. Remember, it's about enhancing what you've got, not a complete overhaul.

Cheeks: Rosy, Natural Flush

A soft blush in natural tones is your secret weapon. Apply it gently on the apples of your cheeks for that fresh, just-walked-in-the-park look.

Lips: Elegant Pout

Nude or soft pink shades are your go-to. Choose a satin or matte finish for that extra touch. Use a lip liner for precision -- it's like putting the final stroke on a masterpiece.

Setting: Locked-in Radiance

Seal the deal with a setting spray. Your makeup should stay put without feeling like you've got a mask on.