5 Non-Toxic Eye Makeup Remover Products for Dry or Sensitive Skin
(Photo : Vecteezy / DC Studio)

Eye makeup is something that many beauty enthusiasts cannot live without. Recent strides in the beauty industry brought makeup lovers skin-friendly non-toxic eye makeup. The consciousness to use non-harsh cosmetics came and stayed. Now, people are in search of the best non-toxic eye makeup remover that will not stress the thin skin on their eye area.

The area that takes on eye makeup daily is often more sensitive than the rest of the face because it has some of the thinnest skin on your body. With all the waterproof cosmetics, removing eye makeup can be tough on sensitive skin.

Here are five non-toxic eye makeup removers you can use:

Coconut Oil

It is more than an old wives' tale. Coconut oil removes eye makeup without problem. Even waterproof makeup, such as mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, has nothing on coconut oil. The catch, however, is that it can clog your pores. When you use coconut oil to remove your eye makeup, make sure that the oil stays in the eyelid area, and do not use it on other parts of your face.

Juicy Shake by Mossa

This oil cleanser is suited for all skin types. While it can melt away even your toughest eye makeup, it contains hyaluronic acid, which soothes and hydrates your delicate eye contour. Juicy Shake is named as such because you have to give the bottle a shake before saturating your cotton pad.

Vinoclean by Caudalie

Another oil cleanser made for dry skin is Vinoclean, which takes off eye makeup without that greasy feel. Caudalie does not use mineral oils in its products; instead, the brand uses sunflower and castor oil to soften any hardy eye makeup. This product is vegan with package materials made of 100% plant oils.

Soft Eye Make-up Remover by Lavera

This eye makeup remover does not have a single drop of mineral oil. Instead, it is made with organic aloe juice and sea buckthorn extract. Using Soft Eye will leave no residue even after just one gentle sweep. All you have to do is leave a saturated cotton pad on your eyelid for three seconds before that gentle single sweep.

Deep Clean Micellar Water by Evolve Beauty

Micellar water can take off makeup because it can remove oils and impurities from the skin via its micellar molecules. However, experts advise using micellar water on your eyelids only if you are using water-based makeup. Deep Clean is certified cruelty-free, organic, and safe for pregnant women.

More Tips

With all the movements our eyes make, eye makeup was designed to be tough and hold throughout the day. But remember to be gentle on your eyelids when removing eye makeup. Experts recommend letting the makeup remover sit for only a couple of seconds on your eyelids. After that, lightly sweeping the eyelids with your makeup remover should remove the makeup. There is no need to be rough with it or to scrub.

Experts also advise using cotton pads or makeup cloths instead of cotton balls to avoid fibers getting trapped in the crevices of your face.

Lastly, use makeup removers made specifically for the eye area and avoid improvising. Your eyes are too precious for DIYs.